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summer arrangements?

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Hi everyone

I feel stuck.
dh and i have twin baby boys and also ss10 who has adhd.
he is staying with us for pretty nuch the entire summer and i am already so busy with the babies now the time i usually spend on myself is now spent making food for ss. I am beginning to feel resentful because i feel loke a babysitter.

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The kid is ten, not two. He's also probably bored out og his wits too, but that's not what you blogged for,

Have Dad leave kind friendly breakfast and lunch foods in the fridge and freezer that the kid can easily fix himself. Toss away plates and cups for less clean up for kid also.

Too bad Dad didn't make summer day camp an/or day care summer program arrangements for his son. Don't resent the child, speak with your husband. Child is old enough to make simple breakfast and make sandwiches and easy microwave lunch. It' Dad's place to see to it the kid knows how and the food is available.

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At 10 years old, the kid can make food for himself... You shouldn't be worrying at all about feeding or entertaining a 10 year old. He can keep busy while you take care of your twins.

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Honestly, I think you should have told your husband it would be too much with the other ones before he came to stay for the summer. The bm should have put him in camp at that age or something. At this point it's probably too late for camp. Unless you can have bm take him since it's too much.

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we have him full time, so i really need a break.
I tried to teach him how to make food yesterday and all i got was attitude.

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Then he would go hungry. If he can't make himself a sandwich or a bowl of cereal, he needs a lesson real fast. I would show him a few times how to do both and tell him it is now his responsibility. If he wants to eat, he can get it himself.

I do this to my YSS11. I refuse to make three meals a day. I make sure we have food available that he can easily make himself. If he is hungry, he will make it. If he isn't, then he can wait until dinner to eat.

You have twins...and your DH needs to understand how much energy that takes. Your DH needs to handle your SS

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Just don't make him anything, have things available he can grab and be done with him. Cold cereal, apples, loaf of bread, turkey, cheese, milk. Then turn on the TV and leave the room, it's not your responsibility to play camp director when you have twin babies to take care of.

Your husband can listen to his complaining when he gets home from work and deal with him.

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When we had sd full time over the summer and I was at home with her, I got my husband to put her in camp for a week every few weeks to give me a break. It was too much otherwise and of course she had more fun at camp anyway.If there is any money for a week or two or even just a few days camp then I would be lobbying for that and then try to spread them out a bit to give yourself regular breaks. Your sanity is worth it.

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Dad needs to talk to his kid and say you are in charge and he's old enough to make his own food and help around the house, also Dad needs to look into options where SS can be among his age group..

once again it's a Disney Dad problem not a skid problem, it's up to the parent to keep his child busy over the holidays, ask DH what he would've done if you where not married and he was a single father