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SD is 18 and moved in with BM, although she is gone, the drama with her isn't

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After years and years of drama from BM and her little solider, you would think she would be happy since she left to go live with BM but no, phone blowing up with all kinds of drama.....

What did I do, BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK

Sorry your drama doesn't have a home here anymore :jawdrop:

Feels good, be with your drama mama, it is what you wanted......

Just had to vent.

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Isnt it something else..I am always amazed when people SAY they want something, then they get what they wanted, then complain about it. OR fight against what they fought so hard to get.

You wanted it, you got it.

Cant say I don't blame you for wanting peace in your home.
Any sane person would block the drama.