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Rewrite the fairy tales

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I am sick of reading stories about the wicked stepmother in fairy tales so I thought I would rewrite the fairy tales:

Once upon a time there was a little princess, she lived in a castle with the Torn King. One day the Torn King introduced a lady to the princess, “Princess he said this is my beloved and we are to be wed”. The Princess was furious how dare this women come into my castle and be with the Torn King. The Princess decided she would make this lady’s life hell she evented new ways each day to step on her feelings, step around her warmth and generous attempts to be friends and step in the way of any attempt of letting the Torn King be happy.
One day the Princess tried to poison the lady, the Torn King decided enough was enough and banished her to her bedroom, once inside she decided to look through her jewels, gems and gold that the Torn King had given her and came across a box, inside was a pendant more beautiful than the torn king had ever given her she put it on.
Days passed and the princess continued her relentless attacks on the lady but something changed with each attack the princess grew warts, green scales and her beauty started to fade, within a month the princess resembled nothing but a toad, One day looking for his daughter the Torn King found this toad and tossed it into the moat. Days passed and the Torn King continued in vain to find his Daughter, the Toad began to try and get back into the castle whilst trying to get up the huge castle steps, the lady saw the toad and picked it up, taken by surprise the Toad yelled please help me i am the Princess, The lady looked at the Toad and said “why should I help you? You have been mean to me and you don’t even know my name!” The Toad pleaded with her. The lady replied from the top of the step “I am telling you now I will marry your father and you can call me your step mother as you have stepped all over my feelings, stepped all over my happiness and this step resembles a starting point for us to be happy together under this castle roof.”

Now at this point I was going to put: and they live miserable ever after! but would love to hear your ideas!!

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This really would make a good story book! I think the princess will have a couple of relapses but then come out as "friends" with the stepmother in the end. At least we can all hope, right?? LOL

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i'm not a story writer, but you can add this to your story

that the stepmother said to Toad/princess that her ugly heart has awaken the anicent curse of princesses. That as long as she continues to be ugly inside she will stay a ugly toad on the outside. That only her good deeds, nice behavior, nice treatment to people and stepmother will change her back. BUT as soon as she turns ugly again she will grow into a toad again.