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O/T This can't wait until tomorrow

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I need to bitch it out NOW. We (meaning me, the realtor and the banker) are trying to get all the paperwork done in order for us to close on a house June 12. It seems like everything that can go wrong IS.

I am getting a 203K because the roof needs replacing. I made the offer based on the info that it would be $7500 to replace. Finally found out that was just an eyeball estimate from a YEAR ago. Actual WRITTEN quote is $1650 higher. The place I called (since they were taking their time with getting this quote to us) said they would call me last Monday. Nothing. They haven't answered the phone and the voicemail is full. :?

Out of all the places I called for insurance quotes, only one got back to me.

The inspection wasn't complete because the water wasn't on. The sellers said that they had the water turned on. Sad

We are trying to get everything done and my lender is getting nervous about making the closing date. Now I find out the sellers are in IRELAND and don't have much access to the internet. :O

I just want OUT of this shitty ass LOUD neighborhood! I want to SLEEP

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I am so sorry! What a hassle. Fingers crossed for you.

It really sucks to be at other people's mercy.

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Thanks. I feel like I am being too whiny about it but I just want to get out of this town and out of our loud neighborhood with the crazy neighbors and start new in a beautiful place and small town.

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That was the next thing that my Realtor sent them last night was asking if they could drop the price by $1500 since the offered price was based on a quote that was inaccurate.

Hell, if they can afford to go to shouldn't be THAT big of a deal to them!

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IKR?? I think that they just aren't as motivated as I am. Like I said, they have the money to travel obviously. They are sentimental about this place. I think it may have been their parents' place. It definitely has been very well cared for and loved.

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I know that I had 10 days to get the inspection done. You'd think there would be some kind of time limit on them to do their things as well...

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I've already signed all the paperwork. I don't know if I even COULD back out at this point....