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Has anyone seen this??

What do you all think? I am especially interested in the out of the US members and what the general opinion of the US is in other countries.

I think that tensions with Russia over Ukraine and China over the stuff they are doing makes it way too easy for those two to buddy up.

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I live a stone's throw away from the 7th Special Forces (Army) and AFSOC headquarters. I have not noticed any sort of influx or security changes on base that aren't the same across the US.
My dad has always said that when there is peace in the Middle East and Ireland, that is when we are in deep poo poo.
My DH is a 3 percenter, and I know that when he starts up his ammo stockpiles....that is when the shit will truly hit the fan.

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The link I posted was from info wars but the original information was posted on twitter by John Schindler (former NSA intelligence analyst). He said that this NATO official was not from the United States.

I really don't have a dog in the fight. We are moving out of the city and into a very small community. I highly doubt if nukes would EVER be used. You are just condemning yourselves as well as your enemy. But I do believe that tensions are worse world wide than they were even just 5-6 years ago.