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I was a coward this weekend...

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Last week about Wednesday or so, I recieved an email telling me that Sunday would be the July Birthday dinner at my MIL. OK, well I was off work this weekend and I had plans with some friends to spend it at the cabin. So, anyway I knew DH would find out sooner or later that the dinner would be sunday so I told him Thursday that I was going to the cabin.

Friday, he said that his mom had told him about the dinner, I reminded him I had plans and all was cool. I wasn't trying to avoid the family but little SD bday is one for July. NO I AM NOT SPENDING ANY OF MY ENERGY ON THIS ADULT-CHILD !! NO NO NO NO

She has not called or talked to her dad for over a month, as a matter of fact the last time they had contact was when he bought her another car. On father's day, she texted him and sent him a useless card. But no conversions at all. It was a good thing I didn't go, because I may had to speak my mind.

But yeah, I was a coward because I knew about the dinner and didn't tell DH, cause I didn't want to deal with it.

Anyway, went to the cabin, had a great time with my friends. Just got home a little while ago.

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Thats good planning, and likely you saved their gathering from being wrecked because if it were me, I too would've split wide open with the ugly trith- they prefer to live in their dream world like a big ole happy family- let them- I don't pretend so well.

Glad you had fun.

There is no reason where logic does not exist

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Choosing not to participate is not cowardly.

Its sends the message without the drama.