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I’m a what!?

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Just got a text from DH with BM asking if I could be her “Helper” for SD13’s color guard program at school. This isn’t the first time she has asked me to be her “Helper”. She does it for the birthday parties and did it when SD13 was doing dance. WTF! I’m not your damn helper!

DH has no fault in this. He simply forwarded the text to me. I don’t know if I should help or not. I don't like being called a helper.

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I'm thinking I may be sick this weekend or busy with family. I love my SD13 and want to be there for her, but I have a huge pet peeve with being called a "Helper". It feels demeaning and insulting.

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The BM wants me to be her helper. SD13 has a program this weekend and BM is aking me to help her at it.

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Helper? Absolutely not. You are your DH's wife and the kids' step-mom, but you are not BM's assistant.

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LOL..She did not ask if you could help. She asked for you to be HER helper!! WOW. That takes guts.

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Nahhhh. Like Princess Leia said to Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back....."Luke, It's a's a trap luke".

Not sure if the intentions here are genuine or not - maybe they are. But I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole!
Why would a 13 year old want his mother and step-mom there anyways??? How embarrassing.....LOL

Give a nice big thank you for asking but you will have to pass. Express to the 13 year old how nice it was for mom to invite you but you have some other things going on and make sure during that time frame you actually don't get caught sitting around.


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If BM ever asked me that, I would tell her, "Look, I have helped you all I can. I give your kid a clean, stable environment to come to and I give your ex-husband great sex that he he never got with you. Now, move along."

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LOL! That's awesome! I think she would have freaked the hell out if I had said that. I wish I would though }:) but it would stir up a hurricane of drama that I don’t want to put DH or the kids through.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees being called a "Helper" is ridiculous. I don’t want to be anywhere near BM let alone be her “helper”. :sick:

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BM is an absolute control freak. I’ve been to several of my sister’s color guard programs, band programs growing up. Not once did our mother help her. My dad did help unload equipment, but that was it. So, I have no clue why she needs my help, and right now nor do I care.

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I sent her a text telling her "No. Busy this weekend." and that was it. I didn't say another word and will not respond to any more texts on the subject.

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I wish that BM allowed me to be involved in anything without threatening to hurt me or keep the kids from us. I don't know if being a "helper" would be so bad for me if it meant I was allowed to go to their science fairs or chorus shows.