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Gannon Stauch's body found

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For those of you who've been following the story of Gannon Stauch, he has tentatively been found.  The body was found in the next county over from me.  His stepmom was arrested in Myrtle Beach in early March.

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I know...I saw that. This is just awful. Makes me sick in my stomach.

Why---would anyone do this.

Hope they throw the book at her. Isnt she now in Colorado? Life in prison I guess will be the outcome. Wish they had court tv so we could watch the case.


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I don't think I have the stomach to watch. I finished The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix last night and it both enraged and sickened me. 

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The local press in Colorado is reporting that an autopsy has been completed and it has been confirmed that the body was his. It was found under a bridge by maintenance workers. They have filed 9 more charges, including one count of first-degree murder after deliberation and eight counts of committing a crime of violence. The crimes of violence charges accuse her of using either a gun, a knife or blunt force instrument in the boy’s death -  or all three. There is still a gag order, so details are sketchy.

No information on when or how he ended up in Florida.



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Yeah, how did he end up in Florida from Colorado? She must have had an accomplice. Didn't that video from the neighbor show her returning home a few hours after she left with him?

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Tee seems to be one of those deeply disturbed grifter types. She has quite a past. Colorado won't execute her, so yes, she'll likely be caged for the rest of her miserable life. And female inmates REALLY don't tolerate those who hurt kids, so she will be miserable.