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Gannon Stauch update - arrest affidavit released

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The arrest affidavit in the Gannon Stauch case was released. She killed him in his bedroom in a violent manner and dumped his body outside of town. There is a lot of information that was not released to the public before now. She went to great lengths to first make it appear he had run away. I haven't read enough to find out how his body was taken to Florida. The Dad was away from home on training with the National Guard.

There is a section on her google searches and many of them could have been the titles of posts from this site.  "I feel like I'm just a nanny, not a step-mom" and "parenting should be 4 people, not one" The officer even notes that it appears she was struggling as a step-mother.

Here is a link to the affidavit:


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Absolutely heartbreaking. Just leave if you hate the kid that much or feel you are doing too much as a step parent.

Fucking bitch.

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I won't lie reading that made me feel sick, how many "crew" or "trolls" have we had in here that their story sounds beyond unbelievable, and then they disappear?  This scares the shit out of me. 

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Chef's brats but I would never dream of putting my hands on them whatsover.  

Horrid.  This just solidifies the evil SM narrative.

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This just solidifies the evil SM narrative.

Some SMs are evil. She is evil and she was his SM. Do you think she would have killed him if he was just the neighbor kid?

I will never understand the mindset of defending all SMs at all costs.

People defend the SM position, saying that being a SM is not natural, caring for someone elses kid and loving them is not natural, but then want to say that we shouldn't automatically assume that SMs don't like their step kids, we shouldn't assume that they treat them any differently than they would their own kids. Why should we not assume that, if being a SM is not natural?

There are horrible SMs, who are emotionally and physically abusive, just like there are neglectful BMs and dead beat dads.


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Yes. This is why I rarely mention DD17's SM.

She is a SM, and she is evil. I trusted her and gave her the benefit of the doubt and enforced respect for her from DD. DD has always been a poor communicator and would only say benign negative things about her SM. Then, years later, Bam! We all discover SM has been a passive aggressive abuser in cahoots with HCBD all along.

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Ton of crazy, sick, evil, monstrous people kill their own children. I don't believe this horrible crime has anything to do with her being a stepmother. 

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Way more bio parents murder their kids than stepmoms. I think the order of most murders goes: biodads, biomoms, mom's boyfriends, stepdads and finally step moms. But for some reason stepmoms get more headlines. Dads who murder their whole families "snap." Moms who drown their kids in the tub are "deeply disturbed." But stepmoms who murder are "evil." They are all pieces of crap.

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I don't believe this horrible crime has anything to do with her being a stepmother. 

Well, she was his stepmother and she killed her step son. She didn't kill her own kid, or the neighbor kid, she wasn't just a family friend, who killed her friend's son. From her online searches, she was fed up with being a step mother.

She chose to have an affair with a married man with kids, marry him, and got more than she bargained for. Gannon paid the price.


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How many SMs have stated that the BM won't take the kid when the BD is away or the BD expects SM to keep the skid so they don't 'lose their visitation'.  

I wish we could warn 95% of the women out there to stay away from a man with kids or they will be miserable moe than happy.  There are some good ones out there but very rare.


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I am with advice.only2 on this .

Scares me too when I read some posts on here. There have been times I have said I HOPE we can get  report to authorities.

Pooooor little boy. I could just vomit.

She is now in death penalty. Life in prison IF convicted.


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And this You Tube Channel called Plunder is one of my favs. I listened to her cover this today and so she google all of T's google search questions to see what kind of advice she was getting and you see her type in "stepparent is treated like a glorified babysitter " and you see step talk pop up and she says "I wished she would have listen to some of this good advice " but instead it looks like she got mad that her stepson burned the carpet with a candle and shot him and stabbed him