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OT: VA Beach

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Hi! We are planning a trip to VA Beach at the end of March. It will be just DH and I.

Had anyone been there or lives there that can tell us what we should do when we go there?

Where is a good place to stay but not super expensive. Where are the good places to eat? Where are the must see spots?



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I live near by Smile

What are you in to? Nightlife, history, museums, shopping? Are you trying to stay at an oceanfront hotel, at a resort, B&B?

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YAY! Smile

During the evening would be nightlife. We like to hear bands play, live music but also like clubby dance sometimes. We will be there during the week though, so not too sure how much "nightlife" there is during the week.

During the day, sight seeing, history, go to the beach.

Oceanfront hotel would be nice. I looked up some and they were priced really well, so I wasn't sure if I was missing something. LOL.

What is the weather (temps) like at the end of March?

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March is still pretty cold here so you probably did find some really nice rooms for under $100/ night.

Turtle Cay resort is where I like to stay when we are down there for a weekend (I am about an hour away).

Colonial Williamsburg is not far at all and has some really great history. The Virginia Beach aquarium is one of my all time favorites Smile

There are a couple of night clubs right down on the beach and a few more about 15 minutes away in Norfolk. There are so many good restaurants I wouldn't know where to start! There is a Funny Bone comedy club not far and there are 4-5 major concert/show places, so depending on what you are looking to see you can really see a lot. Take a look at ticket master and check out-

the Norva
Chrylser Hall
Farmer Bureau Live
Ntelos Pavlion

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Awesome this is helpful.

When you say "pretty cold" what does that mean Wink LOL. I am fine with 50s. Is it usually colder than that? Smile

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That is probably about the average- not really hanging out on the beach in bikini weather Blum 3