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G-Parent Trip

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SD10 grandparents live about 4 hours away in a different state. They don't get to see each other that often, especially w 50/50 it is near impossible to plan anything around BM too. Grandpa offered to pick up SD otw to the beach and a whole week trip with Nana and Paw Paw and younger cousin. 

SD was NOT excited that it would be with the grandparents and younger cousin. (we both have essentail jobs and are working both remote and in person, so unfortunately we couldn't go) DH still wants her to spend time with grandparents though. SD is totally indifferent if she sees them or not. DH gave grandparents some cash for a boogie board, groceries, souveniers, etc. SD10 doesn't get excited about ANYTHING and never says thank you. SD called in tears that she didn't want to go to bed last night (at 10:30) wayyy past her bedtime. Nana called this morning and said SD was giving them a REALLY hard time and major attitude. SD was annoyed that they weren't doing what she wanted to do right away. ugh

With this kind of behavior and entitlement, I honestly don't think she would be invited back anytime soon. Which is super unfortunate to say. DH talked to SD10 before hand about being respectful, etc. SD always says she "knows" but never follows through with it. DH (told me) that her lack of excitement, appreciation, and disrespect is a TOTAL buzz kill. 

** Should DH not have let SD go with the grandparents since he couldn't go? Even though they offered and said it was fine? I honestly feel like SD is ruining their beach trip. What would you have done?

I know, not my circus, not my problem. But DH eyes are opening up to how SD really is. Usually he has an excuse for something "she's just emotional" etc. Well, now that he is realizing she acts the same with EVERYONE, it's not us, it's her. 

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I think it was fine to let her go. This will probably be the last trip they take her on, though, rightly so.

They're adults, they can bring her home early and go back to the beach if she's ruining it for them.

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Your DH did not teach his DD to be grateful for what GP are doing.  A trip  to the beach, has to be better then sitting, at home looking at there tablets.   But SD is not in control of the day, week and does not like losing her power.  That DH fault but giving her control to start with.

But just think, she only 10. You are going to have a long hard time for the next 10 years .  You are right, not your circus.  Stock up on pop corn 

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You are right, she will probably never be invited back by her grandparents, and at least now her father knows what a nasty, entitled little Madam she is.  Ugh. 

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*update - SD called AGAIN last night crying asking FH to come pick her up. Um it's 4 hours ONE WAY. DH said no I'm not coming tonight. And that's not what you do on a trip. Don't say you're going and then want to leave halfway through it. Explained how she isn't being fair to grandparents. And that he can't drop work and just go "get her". Ugh her lack of consideration for others makes me CRINGE!