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DH, YSD and Mother's Day

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So DH mentions to me a couple days ago that he is would like to take me out for Mother's Day, and to the most expensive restaurant in our town

I'm thinking, what? 


Good one!

DH had rarely ever acknowledgs  me on Mother's Day, once, and it was more I think a guilt thing because I had been really sick at the time and DH really unhelpful LOL

It could be guilt this time around because he already fears YSD is going to pull some kind of evil crap to make sure she makes that day memorable for me, for all the wrong reasons!

IMO she simply uses that day as a day to humiliate, upset and alieanate me all while making it appear to DH she is being so sweet and wonderful to me and making herself look oh so good

It amazes me she would use a day like that to be so awful to her SM of 24 years who truly spent most of those years falling over backwards trying to be the best SM ever to her. 

I guess the best present for me is I see right through it all and thanks to me no longer playing her little games, DH is seeing through her too. She wouldn't be happy to know that because it's so important to her to look the innocent and me the evil one but then again, maybe she should stop treating people so badly and using a day where you are suppossed to show a little appreciation and kindness as a day to hurt someone.


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You are mentally prepared for her antics.  So just be sure to prepare yourself, maybe you should go buy yourself a nice outfit for the outing?  Perhaps you need a spa day first?  How about some new shoes?  I learned to make certain I was really taking care of myself around Mother's Day.  Its mental and emotional TLC.

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Good advice JRI, thank goodness I won't have to be anywhere near SD!

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She should have zero access to you on that day, especially with her history. No invite to your special dinner, block her for the day on your phone and tell your DH to ignore any and all calls or texts from said SD. They can be answered the next day. Send the message loud and clear...she will NOT impact your special day ever again.

Big hugs. Enjoy your delicious meal, MOM!! And a Happy Mother's Day to you from CajunMom!