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Just curious, if people don't mind sharing, what profession do you have?

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Primarily accounting, but also general business, criminal justice, and law. Wink


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LOL, another "weird" combination.
Is there a way to "blend" yours?
I'm kinda looking at trying to do that... maybe something like forensic accounting, where I can use both? Not sure yet.

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Lol it is weird. I have a friend who is thinking about forensic accounting, it sounds interesting.

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There are many women lawyers on here it seems , and apparently criminal justice is popular too.

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Divorce forensics? Is that when there is a divorce via murder?

I'm a retired investigator for the California Public Utilities Commission.

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Just because it has the word "forensics" in it, doesn't mean it has to do with murder. I am certain you could enter that word in to any line of work and have a valid position.

fo·ren·sics (f-rnsks, -zks)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The art or study of formal debate; argumentation.
2. The use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law

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Financial planning, feasibility and analytics for property development.

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Not all BMs are lazy. I have two to deal with. One has a great career. She completed her BA about two years ago. She will receive her MA this May.

The other one collects welfare.

I'm also a BM and I have always worked.

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It stands to reason that many of us our moms and are motivated, ambitious, and have careers. I think the fact that we're the SMs here and the majority of our BMs are unemployed and living off our dhs or the state are related. There is a relationship between anger and bitterness and entitlement and the lack of motivation to better oneself. After all, hard to be the victim if one shows any ability to take care of oneself, kwim? And when someone is a victim and can't see themselves as the reason for their own unhappiness, they tend to blame and blame leads to projection and projection leads to crazy antics and that leads us here!

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Took my degree in psychology and business administration. Came out of college and worked for the family business in computers. Still doing outside sales for that.

Married and took over the husband's martial arts school (which I practiced and have rank in, but stopped since I got prego).

Real estate mostly right now as a main source of income (two lots, one is the building rented out to my martial arts school, rented out to a yoga studio, and a judo school as well, the other is a house rented to a law group.)

Going to school for acupuncture. Still have about two years to go. Both my grandfather and mother are acupuncturists so I've been around it my whole life and decided to pursue a career in that as I have always liked helping people and animals more than the cold world of computers.

But I still have my whole life ahead of me so who knows where I'll be when I'm, say, 25, or 30, or 45.

Could die tomorrow too, but that would just kill my ambition if I thought like that.

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I work from home, auditing specific functions in healthcare facilities.

but I'm kinda looking for something more along the lines of what Bookishworm does. Considering installing a pole in my home office.

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Negotiator and M&A Guy.
FUnny the comment about BMs getting up off their butts. I think they sit longer because they're cashing bigger checks now.

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I am a BM and a SM. I work full time now but when my ex-husband left me in 2007 I only worked part time since I had a 3 and a 5 year old. My ex was concerned that I wouldn't return to work full time once the kids were in school so he had that written into our Child Support agreement. It literally states, "when the youngest child enters first grade, BM agrees to return to work full time". He really didn't need to do that b/c I actually enjoy working and was looking forward to returning to work full time. So I guess my point is that we're not all bad. Also, I wanted to let you guys know that your husbands can also ask for this in their child support agreements. Obviously when I went full time, he was able to reduce his CS payments.

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I am a Parole Officer, have recently transferred to our local jail after working in the community office for about 7 years. I was a cop before that Smile

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I'm the VP of Sales for a small family owned manufacturing business. Degree in nothing, Master of everything. Dirol

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Office Bitch here. I've done a lot in life but my favorite jobs were dog trainer and veterinary assistant. Always wanted to get into human medicine and bartending too. Smile

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I am a Clinical Research Associate (that doesn't travel) for a big pharmaceutical company. But due to a merger and restructuring within the company, I will soon be severed and unemployed Sad I live in a small town so I am scrambling to find something else I can do and still make over $50,000 /year. No more big pharma companies around here Sad

I figured it was mostly professionals on here while at work LOL!

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I'm a Systems Engineer/Architect.

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I collect welfare and child support. I sell my food stamps in the grocery store parking lot and use the money to buy smokes and liquor. I professionally surf the internet, which makes me "like an attorney", I watch a lot of Law and Order too, rerun are on all of the time during day time tv. I also collect cans where ever I can, and don't you dare leave anything of value at my house, I will sell or trade it within minutes of you leaving.

Oh wait, that's not me... that's BM.

I am a mortgage underwriter.

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Wink funny part is... she JUSt texted me something about recycling. I wasn't exaggerating about any of that... except... she doesn't drink. She smokes weed.

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BA in English, M. Ed. in Education. Substitute teacher right now, looking for something else, ANYTHING right now to pay the bills! Sad

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Can you find an adjunct gig? With your Master's most colleges will take you on as an instructor.

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Adjunct college professor and college level (NCAA) athletic trainer. I was also Active Duty Air Force for 6 years.

But my dream job is to be a desinger on HGTV. Wink

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doctor of physical therapy, rewiring brains and running a nationwide seminar business teaching medical professionals how to do the same.

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Rewiring brains? Can I send you some clients? Does it have to be voluntary, or can I send them in those really swelly white jackets, where they give themselves hugs?

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well, we can't fix stupid, or crazy.... so....

probaably not the ones in the huggy white jackets Smile

(actually, some psych disorders are really helped with the work - but its an involved process)

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My degree is in Marketing, but I am a Sales Manager in a field of all men.....
Drama it.