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O/T do you believe in psychics or tarot?'s picture

Just Curious, What is your experience with them? Do you think it's a load of crap or do you believe?

There's a well known psychic in my area and I have always been curious and wanted to do a reading just for fun- I'm interested in hearing if any of you have done it before?

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I used to have a deck of tarot cards that I kept on the car. I'd pick one at random every day and just read it (since it was like a fortune cookie and all had good advice.)

I stopped because one day I picked out "Death" and I go home to find out my cat got hit by a car. So... yeah. I don't know.'s picture

really?! Crazy, I have no experience or knowledge in tarot but that would freak me out! I would still be tempted to do it though!

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In Tarot cards, death represents change.

Movies always use the death card to indicate death, but if you do any reading on Tarot cards it only means change.

I'm sorry for your poor kitty though. Sad

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It was super weird--I mean I know about the meaning, which was why I didn't think much of it, until I actually got home and my mom was sobbing and told me my cat passed away. I loved that little bugger--raised him from a kitten that I found under the porch, almost blind due to his upper respiratory infection. Size of my palm. He was my buddy.

Anyway, yeah it's so weird.

I will say something about psychics though, the Chinese ones are scary sometimes. They don't ask for money, only however much you want to give them based on how helpful you think their fortunes were. Traditional Chinese households do a reading for a child when it reaches it's first birthday. I had mine done and so did my sister--the fortune teller said that my mom didn't need to worry about our academics as we would naturally excel (so she was only half tiger mom and we still did excellent), but that I would have a good marriage (which I do), but my sister wouldn't.

The same forutne teller, about thirty years ago (many families only go to one), told my grandfather he'd pass away at 94. Well, none of us believed it because he was healthy as a horse. Then one day he was jogging at 5am in the morning like he did every day for his entire life, and he got hit by a motorcycle. He was 94.

So yeah, who knows. We go to them for other stuff too, hauntings, possessions, etc.

I can't say I'd spend money going but I think after I birth my kid, I will do it for fun, as an interesting cultural tradition.

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i went to the same psychic a few times, she did tarot. she was pretty good. i think there are a lot of fakes out there, though. one time, i took my abusive, cheating ex with me and she looked him dead in the eye and told him all about what kind of person he is and how he treats me and what would come of it. he left there with his blood just boiling, saying he did NOT like her, she'a quack, bla bla bla. he was pissed because one look at him and she had his number. he likes to think he's some big mystery, so he wasnt' happy that someone read him like a dr suess book in a matter of seconds. it was awesome!

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I went to a psychic twice. Same lady both times, recorded the sessions. Amazing things she told me came true. She told me 2 distinct physical conditions that happened in the following 3 months. Not silly things like you will find love in 4 weeks with a tall handsome stranger. True serious life events.

Here is how it went: I brought 5 pictures (head shots) of my children, old boyfriend and brother and a random friend of my youngest child. I brought my car keys (had to be something only I would use). She held the keys and also asked for my earrings. She held them in her hand, rubbing them with her finger.

Ah....nevermind. I just erased a whole bunch of stuff. LOTS OF QUACKS out there! But yes, I've been and I'm a believer.'s picture

I'm interested in what you were going to write! She got voted one of the best psychics and won awards, also she wrote a book because she teaches people how to use your psychic ability when reading tarot or something. I'm pretty excited. She didn't tell me to bring anything. A good friend of mine saw her and said it was a trip and she was right on. I hoping she will offer some insight or see what she has to say regarding FDH and SD's........

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I once went ot a psychic just for shits and giggles, and she told me all about my great-great-grandfather whom I'd never met. Right down to a birthmark he had and the fact that he played organ at his church. I asked my grandmother about it later and she corroborated everything. It was creepy!

So yeah, there has to be somerthing to it. But there are also people who take advantage and have all sorts of tricks to lure people in and take their money.'s picture

I agree, I'm not going to take it all to heart and bank on everything she says, I think it will be interesting though. I guess I'll have to wait and see but she seems pretty genuine, she wrote a best selling book and my good friend saw her and said it was crazy!

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She told me I would have a problem in my left breast, but it would be ok. 2 months later my husband found a lump in my breast, it was benign. First and last I've ever had (this was 17 years ago). She told me my left knee would require surgery, and not to put it off. Right after the breast lump, I tore my meniscus and had to have surgery. Never had trouble with either before or since.

She told me several of my male relatives, possibly husband and son but not positive, would be in a major accident on the way to Louisiana. 9 months later, husband and brother in law and nephew were in a major Louisiana. Son got sick, and did not go as planned. We live several states away from Louisiana, we have no ties to Louisiana, and had never been there.

The oddest thing she told me was, and I quote "I keep getting this in my head, I don't know why. I don't understand what it means. The furniture lady was right." Before I got married, while we were shopping for furniture, the lady furniture seller said..."Your marriage will never last." Needless to say we didn't buy furniture from her! And, indeed, the marriage did not last but 25 years. :sick:

Lots more she said, over a 2 hours in both sessions. Best money I ever spent. The air around this woman is just different. There is a buzzy, electric, on edge but soothing all in one fuzzy cold feeling. Like you are just on brink of....something....

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WOW! She mentioned things in my situation she had no way of knowing, I didn't give her any information. She asked if FDH drinks too much- right on the $

There's so much more, but I will def be going back. I don't use is as a future indicator of my life per say- it's totally up to the person. I think real tarot provides insight to situations. I loved it!

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I don't take it too seriously, but it is fun to dabble in.

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I believe in astrology - I have a great lady that I have been going to for 5 years. She told me six months before my first DH was diagnosed with terminal cancer that I would lose something important to me and it would be the toughest couple years of my life. She and I both assumed it would be my dad since there were indicators that it would be a man in my life. When DH died I went to some psychic who claimed that she talked to dead people.

She also warned me about a dozen times NOT to marry my current DH (who I should have a divorce from any day now) - saying that it was like "putting myself into a blender and turning it on". lol! She also told me that my skids were uncertain about me but they now hate me and would for the next thirty years - so true. She even gave me the timeframe that they changed their minds - so true!

I guess it depends on who you go to.

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Any of you guys ever read Sylvia Browne's books? If not, I recommend them. After the death of my father they gave me great comfort and I choose to believe what she says. I love tarot. I go to regularly. You can pick from different decks and spreads. I would love to go to a professional though.'s picture

Check out nancy antenucci

She uses her psychic abilities with tarot. She never gave super specifics, just some insight and it was AMAZING!!!! She was right on.

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I had a reading when I was 16 at a party. Only card reading I've ever had. Yeah I rolled my eyes, said sure, let's do this, snickering the whole time.

Damn lady layed out my life for the next six months. And there was no way she could have known. Got the death card. She never wavered. Said the death card absolutely means death. Death of a life, a dream, a way of life, a relationship, etc. She said, you shouldn't be afraid, death is all around. Anyway, I will not be more specific, but if you ever have an experience you can't explain and there is no rational explanation for it, you get curious about this stuff.

And yes, there are a lot of frauds out there.