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children's books for blended families?

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Here's a question-- does anyone know of any good children's books that feature blended families? I can find a few that help children deal with divorce/remarriage, but really none that show kids that their blended situation is normal, loving and OK. It's strange; with so many marriages ending in divorce, I would think there would be more stories that shed a different light on what a family is. Please, someone, prove me wrong or I will have to write some! LOL.

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The "Comforting Little Hearts Series" by Robin Prince Monroe and Nancy Barnet. This series includes "I have a new family: understanding blended families"


"Two Homes" by claire masurel

I know these two are available at

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I ordered "I have new family..." will let you know! "Two Homes" seems to be more about divorce than a blended family environment. It would be perfect for us, however, if additional family members were included in the two homes!

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I Have a New Family Now looks good for the 4-8 age range. Does anyone have any suggestions for the middle school or preteen age group?

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"Stepliving for Teens" Getting along with stepparents, parents, and siblings. By Joel D. Block and Susan Bantell

"Get a Clue" a parents guide to understanding and communicating with pre teens By Ellen Rosenberg

"The Rollercoaster Years" by Charlene C. Giannetti

"Preteen Wise" parenting children from 8 - 12 yrs. by Gary Ezzo

it's a little harder to find step parenting/blended family stuff related to "tweens". It seems they are the forgotten species. I hope these few titles help ya. These titles have all been recommended and used by a mental health clinic i worked at.

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Stepliving for Teens looks like just the thing I'm looking for! SD is 11 and she doesn't have any friends in a blended family situation like hers so I think she feels kind of alone with no one to relate to. According to Amazon, it's Grade 6 and up so it would be perfectly appropriate for her.

The other books look good too, just for our reference in raising SD. I definitely want to "get a clue" about "the rollercoaster years"!

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I am married my husband with two kids. then we had a baby of our own. My little girl is getting confused. Is there any books for me to read to her that she will understand what is going on? She is 3 years old. but she is very smart.

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We also felt it difficult to find books that feature blended families, especially fairy tales that feature a positive portrayal of a stepmom. So we decided to write our own: it's called My Fairy Stepmother, and it's the first fairytale where the stepmom's a hero. You can learn more about the book on our website or on Amazon.