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Anyone Familiar with Abilify?

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SD12 has been diagnosed with a “mood disorder” and Prescribed Abilify to regulate her moods. Her BM is a new age nut job who would rather treat SD with Herbs and crap rather than the meds. BM was told by the judge she HAS to follow the doctor’s recommendation regarding the Abilify BM “says” she’s giving SD her meds but we have our doubts. Why?? Because for one  SD who have been taking meds for mental issues for years with no problems all of a sudden has started fighting taking her meds. Also we have caught her flushing her meds down the toilet more than once. The reason SD states sounds VERY similar to the bullshit BM gave. We strongly believe BM does NOT give SD her Abilify on her visitation time. My question is does anyone know if SD “misses” her dose every other weekend would it really be a big deal? Since SD would never tell us the truth if BM was not giving her the meds I don’t think we will ever know the truth.

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But I feel you.  I went through this years ago with North Korea.  SD's type 1 diabetes went undiagnosed for a really long time cause BM (NK) is a similiar health food nut who doesn't believe in modern medicene.  She won't vaccinate her kids.  She kept taking SD to a chiropractor instead of a real doctor so now SD has damage to her organs to deal with due to it.  My older SD has ADHD and she was a solid D and F student up until the middle of 10th grade when she was finally allowed to take Vyvanse.  She went to A and B honor roll once her doctors somehow someway finally got through stupid BM.  BM would just take her to the health food store and give her something called Sea Buddies made with the exoskeletons of lobsters and crayfish for her ADHD. As you can imagine, it didn't work for the eight years she was on the Seabuddies which BM called Focus Pills.  Bm happily takes her antidepressants and "happy pills" as the Stepkids call them but often denies her own kids access to modern health care.  Even now SD17 isn't on an ACE inhibitor at the request of the endocrinolgists because you know, BM knows best! She went to Madame Bufont's House of Hair and got her cosmetology degree (doesn't even have a GED) and therefore she knows more than SD's endocrinologists who went to medical school.  IT's really dangerous to be that stupid sometimes.  I really do understand what you are going through.        

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Did skid dad try to obtain custody? I mean...given the health issue and bm doing nothing causing organ problems, yet STILL is not following dr orders? 

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at this point she turns 18 in May and she says she's going on the ace inhibitor with her own doctor as soon as she's legally an adult

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Someone should put a bullet in NK’s head and put her out of her child’s misery.  The pain, torture  and suffering that idiot put  her child through with her idiot holistic medicine hokey witch doctor bullshit is beyond description.   Trust me.  The hell I went through before I was diagnosed as a T-1 diabetic with 800+mg/dL blood glucose levels was insane.  As soon as my parents saw me I was at the hospital and stayed there for 10 days.

That NK tortured and ultimately sentenced her minor child to a lifetime of progressive organ failure and in all likely an early death justifies far worse than a bullet to her idiot brain.  I would have every speck of flesh removed from her body while she was showered with rubbing alcohol.  And that would be just the start of the hell that should be rained down in this ignorant evil POS.

This kid’s father should have intervened aggressively long ago.  Anyone who did what to my child would be gator food (one piece at a time while alive) at worst and destroyed legally, financially and socially at best.

I can’t get my head around how mad this POS idiot makes me.  Having been through only a fraction of what that bitch BM put her child through.

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My husband has been on abilify since it was first out here.

It has been the best medication he has found to treat bipolar. Long term use looks like it causes tremors and weight gain .