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Any way to prove BM alcholic?

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I have a feeling the my fiance's daughters mother gets drunk in front of the children. My fiance says when they were together she would get wasted when he was there and just have him take care of the kids.

The BM has 3 kids but only the youngest (3 1/2) is my fiances daughter... and she has a speech problem and couldn't tell us if her mother drinks even if we wanted her to.

We are going to be going to court soon for CS/Custody talks...and I know, without a doubt, we are the more fit parents...but I know courts favor mother's no matter what. I keep track of things like when my SC says her older sister is mean to her or hits her...I keep a log of any interactions we have with the BM, including all the times she refuses to talk to us and literally slams the door in our face. I keep track of all activites and money spent on my SD as well.

I just don't know how else to PROVE she is an unfit parent? She didn't even have her potty trained, and she was 3 1/2... my fiance and i trained her in 2 weekends... and her mother coudln't even talk the time to do it when she doesn't even work!

Any advice on things to bring to court, or show/tell the judge to prove we are the better parents?


-frustrated future SM

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Think of others that might have witnessed this behavoir and subpoene them into court.


Since no one else will thank you for what you've done I will do so now. Thank you for being important in a kids life. Fifty years from now its the only thing that will matter about your existance.

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I agree with orange. Has she ever gotten dui or anything.
My ex was a big drinker and he had several they may go to prove something.

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My late DH was an alcoholic but to prove it in court would have been hard, unless you would follow them around with a camcorder or get their receipts when they buy the alcohol.
It took awhile before he would admit he had a problem and get help with it.
Sorry but i don't think you could bring that up unless you had witnesses or some type of concrete proof.

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My DH's ex wife's family actually gave her a year to clean herself up and when she didn't, they went to court with my DH to testify against her. The last straw for them was when she drove ss (at the time 6 years old) to her sister's house drunk at like 3am. I know it's a shot in the dark, but does she have any family that cares enough about the kids to do that? You will need witnesses or it will be hard to prove.