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For All Nice Stepmothers

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Just wanted to share a funny story. Once when I was dropping my 8 yr old daughter off at her dads I lovingly, joked.."Okay honey, I am going to take you to your dad's and your evil stepmother's house now." Well, did she get me back and quickly! She responded by saying..."Are you kidding me? MY stepmother is more like Snow White!!" So for all you Snow White's out there..keep up the good work!!
From a BM and SM.

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I know my role and do not outstep my boundaries. The BM & BD are the parents and I happen to be a bonus - someone else to love SD. Luckily, I have the best SD ever and she respects me and abides by rules in our house. We've had our share of drama w/BM, but the good outweighs.

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Boy does that put a warm and fuzzy tingling in your hear!

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Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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I don't know if your stepkids tell you they love you..but my daughter just started telling hers....She was six when they met, now she is 12. Her stepmother now calls her on her cell phone every Thur. to say hi, and somehow, after the last phone call, it just slipped out of my daughters mouth after she said Goodbye. Anyway, her stepmother I think was stunned but replied the same back and my daughter feels so happy now. She said to me "I didn't know I loved her." I told her that sometimes our heart knows things before we do! This is the way stepparenting should be! Happy kid, happy stepmom.