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Drive me crazy

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My step daughter drives me crazy. She never listens to me but listens to everyone else. She constantly talks to her dad but as soon as I come into the room stops talking. When I bring this topic up her father sticks up for her and I get that but I feel a lot of resentment towards to her. I've tried many aspects but keep getting no where.

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Sounds awful esp when she is deliberately ignoring you but good in front of everyone else. Have you tried disengaging and leave her to everyone else ?

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I wouldn't bring it up to her dad. She stopped talking when you entered the room? Awesome--create your own conversation with her dad and leave her out. You don't need to be her parent or even her friend.

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My DHs slob does the same thing, when I am present whether it is in the car, home etc skid barely says boo to DH in front of me, but if I leave the room to use the bathroom etc he is on DH's ass like flies on shit...I can't fucking stand that waste of skin but I ignore the fuck out of him too, I talk to my DH, we laugh, joke etc right in front of pos and its GREAT! I don't care if he thinks/knows I don't like him and don't want him around...hopefully he takes the hint and goes away...permanently! }:)

My advice...don't let it get to you, it is a BLESSING when these brats want nothing to do with us, talk to us etc as long as you don't let them walk all over you and you lay the law down when needed ignore them and enjoy your DH while they are being douchebags!

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I'm going through this now.

My SD says hello and goodbye. And nothing else. She acts like I don't exist. If I'm in the room, she barely says a peep. As soon as I walk out of the room, she's Miss Chatty.

I've been working on disengagement. My husband hates it. My mom hates it. The only person who thinks it makes sense is my counselor.

My H and I talked about it this past weekend. He also sticks up for my SD and blames me for everything related to her misbehavior. It's easy to say 'just ignore the kid' but that really depends on how your H responds to that. You're going to have to talk to your H about your choice to disengage and let him know that you aren't participating in the abuse anymore. He doesn't have to like or accept it, but he will need to understand that you require sanity.