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My day with SD21, and DH finally gets tough!

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This morning, SD13 woke up feeling pretty sick and had a semi high fever. I get along well with SD13 and SD7, since they were both very young when their mother passed I am the mom figure in their lives. I called the doctor and he reccomended some over the counter meds from the drug store. SD21 called the house not long after, DD3's birthday is coming up soon and she was wondering what she is interested in.SD21 has slowly been coming around the last couple months and has even said she was sorry for past behavior. I am treading slowly, but she has been proving that she actually wants things to change. SD21 offered to picks up the meds and bring them over, she said she would give me a hand with the kids if I needed it because DH is working from home today and it's always twice as hard with DS1 and DD3 because they see DH but he is so busy working it's hard for him to work and see the kids at the same time. SD21 arrives, hugs and kisses me and even has some fun games to do with DD3 and DS1, I was shocked!  She kept the little ones entertained while I did some housework and we even had a good time chatting! When DH came upstairs he was stunned also, SD21 told both SD13 and SD7 they are both very lucky to have me to take take care of them! SD21 is married and has been for a couple years, SD21's husband also comes from a blended/divorced family and she said he was a driving force in her wanting to have a fresh start with me. She confided in me that even though SS23 and SD20 are her siblings and she loves them, she doesn't agree with how they've been acting and said there has been tons of tension between her and SD20. SD20 has told everyone that will listen that she either wants to be a Playboy model or a porn star, SD20 takes alot of unsafe risks and is a total part girl. SD21's husband arrived a little before lunch time and played with DS1 and DD3 a little. For all the issues we have had with DD21, DH and I have always agreeded that her husband is a great guy, very mature and driven and has been nothing but nice and respectful to DH and I. DH took a break from work and we all sat out on our deck and watched the kids on the swings. SD7 was supposed to be picked up by MIL to go spend some time with her cousins at MIL's house. MIL arrives and of course starts fussing over SD13, who even said herself that she was starting to feel a little bit better, MIL then turned her attention to SD21 and her husband. She said "Oh you two need to start having babies, blah blah blah!". SD just ignored her, MIL has spent alot of time trashing SD21 and her husband. SD21 was 18 when they got married, we were all a little unsure, but 4 years later their still going strong so now MIL decides it's time to be nice to them! When no one answered on the topic of babies, MIL then turned to DH and said that he and I were too old to have another baby. SD spoke up and said "Grandma, I don't think it's your business weather anyone chooses to have children or not". MIL just got silent ans left with SD7 a few mins later. Once all the kids were gone, SD20 was brought up again and SD21 said she wasn't sure if she was ever going to have a relationship with SD20 again, SD21 said SD20 has been blackmailing SD21 and her husband for money, using their mother(who has passed away) and saying that she would be so upset that SD21 has been treating SD20 this way. SD21 said that she is even planning to file a police report aganist SD20 because she broke into their house and took some money, and took some jewelry that was left to SD21 by their late mother and sold it for weed money! DH was so disgusted and upset, half an hour later as SD21 and her husband were leaving, SS23 sent DH a text saying that he had found a part-time job but still needed money for a laptop and a new phone. SD21 had told us that SS23 and SD20 sit around and plot new ways to get money to throw parties and buy booze and weed. I think this meeting with SD21 was a turning point for DH because he then called SS23 and SD20 and told them they had 2 weeks to find jobs and move out of the rental property, he would not be paying for anything for them anymore! I was so happy and it really made my day! DH has always supported me when it came to his kids, but now he finally sees all the other things I have been pointing out over the years. I am also excited to see if SD21 and I can actually get closer and have a nice relationship, I still have my guard up but I also have a really good feeling about this!

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I think a little of both brought it on, she has slowly been reaching out to me the last couple months though.

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WOW Excellent I think you can stop being hesitant about her.

I'm really happy (and jealous). Dirol