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What I didn't do this weekend

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SDs were with us.

* I didn't drive anyone but myself anywhere.

* I didn't cook anything I didn't want to cook.

* I didn't do anyone's laundry, dishes, or pick up after anyone else (except to throw away a pair of really dirty socks left in the living room).

* I didn't comment on the fact that the SDs laundry done by DH included no underwear for SD12, three pairs of socks (one for SD12 and two for SD10) and a few other paltry items for them and this was our WEEK with them. Just Gross.

* I didn't comment that SD10 wore the SAME t-shirt Friday, Saturday, part of Sunday and today.

* I didn't comment that SD10 never bathed this week, brushed her hair, or seems to have lost her pajamas (is sleeping in her clothes I think) at her friend's home.

* I didn't buy any special food for SDs at grocery store, except that which I wanted myself. They can have some, just not all for them.

* I only commented one time on SD12s yearly start of Xmas stuff (yesterday). I told her I did NOT want to hear anything about Xmas until after Halloween. I didn't comment on how she wants the house decorated more for Xmas (yeah, get your $ out SD...and I'll be making sure DH doesn't pay out to her either as we need to pay off debt first).

* I didn't comment on how SD12 did not change her clothes either all weekend. I only allowed myself to tell her to get out of her filthy sweatshirt before she starts assisting me with baking a cake (cake my idea she can assist).

* I didn't comment on how often SD10 saw her Troublesome Friend...Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And DH couldn't figure out why she was so tired and irritable (no routine, no standard bedtime, no family time with him...).

Basically, I kept myself busy and out of the way. I was exhausted by last night. DH asked if I wanted to watch anything, but I merely said, 'What I want to watch you don't want me to with SD10 in the room and she's going to bed soon so the TV will be off in 20 minutes anyway. So no.' And I happily read my book alone in silence.

Best weekend with SDs in a long time.


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I came here to vent about what im not saying! Lol. Im so happy i read this...took my mind off my own crap!!

Way to go...nice sd jab to your dh!

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good for you Cover and I hope you enjoyed your week-end...

I can add : What I did not do this week-end

I did not have a heart attack due to dirty dishes,
I did not comment on the living room turned into bedroom with blankets and dirty cloths
I did not comment on the shoes all over the house

Oh wait... Aerga was not there the week-end she was at BM's }:)

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What a great example of disengaging! Imagine, maybe not that long ago, you would have engaged at each and every one of those points and tried to do something about it or commented about it.