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Ok so any input on dealing with a meddling mil and a weak husband??


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Oh boy long story but here goes. SS is 18 and moving away to college(which was a school strongly encouraged by mil)!!! My husband and I have been married for 10 yrs and we have raised his son in a permenant basis since he was 7. My hubby had SS when he was 17 and his parents were there to help. I thought at some point his mom would back off a bit and let us do the parenting thing but it never happened. In the end we have had a rough 9 years and my SS does not acknowledge me as a parental figure. I was thinking I'd write her a letter telling her how I feel and ask her why. From one mother to another

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At thus point, your ss is grown. If your mil continues to meddle in your life your dh needs to man up and tell her to back off

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I know I keep hearing he's grown, but he's still considered a dependent on us. Phone bill, sending food., ect.. I will be doing that but have the same relationship and my MIL will out do us and send him a new refrigerator and personal chef.. I want to scream at her

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Why not save your time, money and attention and let MIL enable him without your help?

I guess the complaint department will get busy with what a shitty SM you are... but you could always just rest on your laurels and say, "I raised that kid, someone else's kid btw, since he was 7 and I did a fan-freakin'-TAStic job. So now, I trust he can be a successful adult without my interference. It's too bad *others* (pointed look at evil MIL) don't think he's good for anything and don't let him show off how great he's become."

And then turn to alcohol to burn off the taste of those compliments to SS.