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O/T More than a stepparent site!

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A thousand thanks to Crspyew, Gimlet, Evil4, Merry, Stepdrama2020 and Kes for their recommendations of ‘Mare of Easttown’, simply the best drama series that I’ve enjoyed in recent memory. Apart from being a dead ringer for my elder daughter, Kate Winslet is one of (IMHO) the best actresses of the 21st century.

My only complaint? The suspense, in several of the episodes, was so potent that I was obliged to pause the action and breathe deeply. Dang, I may be too old for such intensity!

Next binge-watching program? Looks like it will be ‘Happy Valley’. Thanks, Kes! 

Who says that StepTalk is only for, well, step talk? Recipes, diet tips, menopause remedies, trip advisories, this site rocks! Bomb


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Very pleased you enjoyed Mare, grannyd!  You will not be disappointed with Happy Valley - I can guarantee it! 

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Just checked out the reviews on, ‘Broadchurch', to discover that the production earned a rating of 92% on 'Rotten Tomatoes' (a site, usually accurate, for evaluating movies). I'm popping popcorn, Dahlinks, and blowing off housework/cooking for the forseeable future; leftovers tonight! Dance 4


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I will have to see if that is available for me. Kate Winslet was amazing in The Dressmaker. 

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As a Kate Winslett fan, I’m surprised that ‘The Dressmaker’ managed to slide under my radar. Thanks for the heads-up! Reading the reviews cemented my interest and, as much as I hate to admit it, revenge narratives satisfy my bloodthirsty id.

 Bullies are an abomination to me so watching them reap the harvest of their nastiness is profoundly gratifying. ‘The Dressmaker’ looks like my kind of movie!


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Crspyew, Margaret Atwood is my favorite author; I was thrilled to meet her at a book signing, a few years ago. I’ve read all of her novels at least twice, apart from 'The Handmaids Tale'. I found the book depressing and had no interest in viewing the televised adaptation. Phooey on it, watch ‘Happy Valley’ instead!


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Stoked you enjoyed. Hope there is a second season.

I think I will look into Happy Valley now.

Handmaid Tale luved it. 

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Ladies, I’m in viewing heaven! Just watched the first episode of ‘Happy Valley’ (unaware that the amazing Sarah Lancashire of ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ fame was the protagonist) and am already addicted!

Yup, this site is more than just a boon for stepparents. (Although, what better distraction, for suffering SMs hiding out in yon bedroom, than a great series?)