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OT - Why Furbabies Rule

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Gimlet, this is your fault because of this comment...

Kids can be great, but some days I look at my cats and think "you may scratch the couch and crap in a box that I have to clean, but at least you'll never have college expenses or bring home someone I hate". 

How about a list of why furbabies are so awesome? I'll start...

  • Furbabies don't care about the latest $$$ fashion trend; be it designer clothes/shoes, hair dyes, tattoos, piercings, or iPhones.
  • Furbabies may "talk back" but it's not offensive and pretty darn cute.
  • Furbabies don't sneak through your belongings and steal clothes, toiletries, sex toys, or makeup for their personal use.
  • Nekkid furbabies are adorable at any age!


Oh, and Gimmy? I know someone whose furbaby brought home a skunk for dinner. A live skunk. To play with and dine with and possibly stay forever. Until Skunky freaked out and squirted Clyde....


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Oh no, a skunk!  

  • When you've had a rotten day, coming home to a furbaby makes you feel better.
  • Furbabies are always grateful for dinner and will sometimes sing the song of their people to show you how excited they are for it.
  • My cats don't make me wonder if they've bathed recently.

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I had a cat who would 'finesse' the drinking straw from any lidded beverage at every opportunity. 

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1. they are trainable

2. they "don't talk to you" for obvious and logical reasons and work through it on their own, without any pandering or gifts

3. they eat what you eat (yes, I'm a sucker)

4. they are willing to go where you want to go without whining

5. they snuggle, but not too much

6. they are quieter than kids

7. they let you hug them at any age

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My fur babies have never needed gas, tiution or bail money.


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I once had to pay bail money for my first dog. He got out of the yard (ex left the gate unlatched). The police called to say they were holding my dog at McDonald's and I had to buy a burger for the one he snatched from the cop's hand. 

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I can board them when I go out of town. Sure, they give me the stink eye when I drop them off, but they don't get mad and complain. And I don't have to bring back presents for them. Unless I want to. That may or may not have ever happened.

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You can leave them at home ALONE when they're babies!

I may or may not have Skyped with my darling Mr. P when I had to board him...

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I can contribute here!!!  THough I have to disagree, little pupper definitely has a tendency to dig through all my things... She firmly believes what's mine is hers... We've mad progress... But I still turned around the other day to her trotting through the house with a full box of feminine items in her mouth, leaving me wondering how the heck she even got those. She also steals bobby pins.

They are the biggest supports, no matter what happens, they think you're the most wonderful thing in the world

  • They're the best listeners, and secret keepers
  • You always know you're loved, even when you're having a rough time.  I mean little pupper is playing with her Kong at my feet and big pupper has his head on my lap right now.  Nothing compares to that.
  • They forgive.  No matter how many stupid mistakes you make, or if you accidentally trip over them.  It's unconditional.
  • They're just goofballs

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PA, be veeeeery glad they were unused feminine products. I had a bloodthirsty little beeyotch of a kitty who would dig through the trash. *bad*

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LMAO! Thank goodness she only stole a box then!

Speaking of furbabies... Big furbaby is getting a cone of shame tonight... Wish the poor thing luck... Allergic to fleas and got bit by one while H was dog sitting... So now his dermatitis is like crazy... Flea bath and a cone of shame.  (I emailed the vet pictures and that's what she told me to do. She told me I should only worry or bring him in if they start getting infected)

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They LOVE you just because. When all is right in your world it is right in theirs.If you are happy they are ecstatic and will bounce around ,play ball, smile a big doggy smile ;a cat will curl  up and purr near you or play fuzzy mouse or sit on your keyboard just to let you know they are your biggest fan.(and point out the typos ~ as Evil sez they are superior beings these cats)Furbabies  will lean against you ,quietly lending their TOTAL support , body and spirit if you are sad or crying. They never ask for anything more but a simple bowl of water and whatever you are able to feed matter the quality or quantity they will stick with you and be there for you.

Yep,I love my furbies .They never pulled any sneaky f-ckery ,hidden agenda ,twisted grudge holding crap based on a delusional pretense.

FurBabies FurEver.


And Aniki For President Of StepTalk  coz she rules the boards! She always puts out the best Off T's OnT's ~just  everything you post  is a great read, funny, provocative ,timely..YOU amaze me,Ani,  that you never run out of topics.



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They may not hold grudges, but they will definintely pout!

Lord, woman, I can't be president. I'm the STalk Bartender - a VERY important job indeed. 

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will always smell better than a skid and their stinky clothing

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The shelter where I adopted my dog from said that if we ever needed to give him up for some reason (hoping that never happens) that they would always accept him back. 

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Unfortunately, it DOES happen. Friends of mine had to give theirs back because their little boy was allergic. They did NOT know that beforehand. Cray 2

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That is sad. Our rescue dog had been to another home before ours but was returned because they discovered that he does not get on with other dogs in that home. Not sure why he went to that home in the first place as he is reactive to other dogs even just on walks. We have to keep a close eye on him and avoid getting near other dogs and try to distract him when he spots them. Luckily he loves people and is the calmest dog around our cat who is still dubious about him. 

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Aaaaaawwwww... so glad you gave him a good home.

My darling Mr. P was wonderful around kitties. Here was tis 100+lb dog who would stand/sit/lie patiently, tail wagging, while the cats would sniff him, climb on him, cuddle up to him... It was so heartwarming.

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And they are unique and entertaining with their little personality quirks.

I have one cat ( one of many) who  adopted us .Showed up on the back deck  when a kitten a few winters past in a cold rain/ice storm. His name is Lucky and he is a "Shadow Boxer "  cat..constantly chasing any kind of shadow.

He also loves a good melody  as long as one  whistles the song ; so much so that he will NOT come  back into the house unless you whistle a tune for him.Happy Birthday Song or Mozarts Concerto o 21 ~"Elvira Madigan " are his favorites. He will stand in the freaking rain unless you whistle THEN he will make a big entrance like a celebrity cat or something.

Their unique attributes keep us laughing  ,the best medicine ,and wrapped around their little furry toes. 


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That's why they have everything from cat/dog day at the senior homes to therapy horses and goats! <3

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My dogs have shown me what true-blue Unconditional Love is. Loyalty, humor, and unfailing love, plus a fierce security detail that helps me sleep peacefully. 

My cats are Olympic-class cuddlers; they train hard all day & cuddle with me all night! 

Plus, what on earth would I be taking a million Cuteness pix on my phone, if not for my furry friends?!


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Unconditional Love is. Loyalty, humor, and unfailing love,

If only humans would take lessons from furbabies.

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They aren't moody, false, ungrateful, $-sucking liars and they don't come packaged with the skunk ape.

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They love you unconditionally, are the BEST cuddlers, no drama or baggage from the past in the form of an ex lurking around, they’re always happy to see you, and no moody teenager stage!  I love my kiddo but my kitty will always have a special place in my heart just for her. Fur babies are the best!

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I SO loved snuggling with my darling Mr. P. We would spoon and I'd rub his chest and tummy. If I stopped or dozed off, he'd turn his head and gently bump mine to get me going again. Oh, how I miss my beautiful boy.

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This is hilarious! So last night we are all at the table eating- Me, DH, SS19, BS14 and BD12. My kids starting bickering about who I love the most. 

Our little 3lb Chihuahua is sitting by DH's chair and he looks down and says "I don't know about mom but YOU are definitely my favorite!" 

All 3 of the kids just jaw dropped and stared. DH and I cracked up. 

I have to admit, the Chi might be the best of all of them! LOL

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Did you ever see the graph of how you say goodbye to the dog vs. how you say goodbye to the husband? The dog is: "Bye, mommy loves you, here's a treat, get on your blanket now, don't worry, I'll be back soon, you're a good boy!"  and the husband one is "Bye, honey!"

Definitely true in my house. Pooches love you no matter what and always. 

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I have neither seen nor heard of that graph. Must confess, NOT true for me. Even though we're mid-50s and have been together 10 years, I find it difficult to keep my hands off of my hubby... *unknw*

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A skunk?! Oh damn! Years ago my dog came tearing into the house with a rotting deer leg and got behind the couch. Man did that damn thing STINK. But nothing like a skunk!