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The Animal Torturer (SD22)

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Is now working for DoorDash.   Funny how she used to post that she was flagrantly violating the motor vehicle laws a couple years earlier.  Perhaps she's matured?  NAAAH.   It is speculated that she was fired from her furniture sales job a year ago, possibly for fencing furniture.  I wouldn't put it past her to "taste" the orders on her way to the delivery address, either.  ewwww.

ION the HousesHitter has now scored a 22 for a grade in Varsity Chorus.  He is flunking every other subject as well and is chronically truant.  I guess those dreams of singing for his supper have gone by the wayside.   LOL.

Pumpkinhead  (OSS24)  continues to post the low rent grocery flyer where he works every week.  To which StepDaddyBigBucks and the Girhippo "like." 

This is what happens when you lower the bar of expectations to sedimentary rock levels.


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I mean when all you expect is nothing, anything is awesome right? 

LOL I am sure Gir is super proud of them all though! 

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Well she did ensure that they all grew up stunted and "special" so pretty much she is reaping what she sowed.

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by making them dependent.  I hope StepDaddybigbucks has no future plans because he will be supporting the Gir clan till he dies. 

GWR is failing I get the low bar.  But hey..I bet HouseSh*tter gets sr pics like GWR.  Gotta celebrate failure dontch know.

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Yep.  The proofs should be entitled "Enmeshment with Mommykins" or "Mini Spouse to Mommy"

They were truly barf enducing with the HousesHitter posing as the spouse and the Gir resting her head on his shoulder.

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GWR;s just featured him fawning over the dog.  No Beaver though..I would have barfed on the ipad had she been in there.

My two opted out of the whole Sr picture deal..DS was like nah...waste of money...DD was like..nah..I got my Sr. Band pics..I'm good.  Both wanted the money for other stuff.

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Oh geeze so I have a fakebook friend who got family photos done with her three children (she is a single mother). The most cringe worthy photo was her oldest son standing behind her with his arms around her waist and his head resting on her shoulder while her arm came up to caress his eww no no no no no that is a couples pose! That is not a mother son pose! The worst part was the amount of comments of "how gorgeous" "how beautiful" "oh my gosh he loves his mama!" comments made it even worse. Like can't you people see how bad that looks?

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The Gir Fan club came out in droves "beautiful couple!" etc.  nowhere was her real husband, StepDaddyBigBucks, in sight.

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The last time I was forced to be around my SS, he was 21 and bragging to everyone about how he did DoorDash for a while and laughing that he always ate something out of everyone's food orders and "rich people get what they get."  That's why I will never use any of those delivery services.  Neither of my partner's kids have ever been able to hold down a job and the reasons they give for being fired never make any sense at all.  SS also lied to my partner about going to school for a full year and took thousands of dollars from my partner to pay for it before my partner wised up and realized SS was never actually attending a school.  Now he's paying for SD to go to college and she just keeps failing everything too.  I don't understand these skids...

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Chef's three ferals are walking pots of e-coli.  They never wiped, flushed or washed.   SD lasted all of 1 month and a half in remedial community college before she dropped out.  Pumpkinhead lasted for about 2 months after getting the school grants and loans that he rapidly spent.