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Freedom realized!

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An acquaintance of mine was married for a few years to a man who had two young adult children (girl and boy).  The adult daughter-wife went away to school and every time she came back on break, the SM would have to watch her husband slobbering over his daughter's boobies and butt and jump at sexy pothead's every twirl of the boob bows and swing of the ridiculously short daisy dukes (clearing seducing daddy to keep him closer).  It was a disgusting spectacle for anyone with clear eyes to see, including me.  

Anyway, daughter-wife was jealous of SM and vice versa (as you can only imagine).  Financially successful and popular SM had enough and tossed the total loser (and possible child abuser) to the curb.  It's kinda fun to see him suffer emotionally as the dumped child/perv that he is, but, ya know, ball-less wonder will move on before long to his next victim, with daughter-wife there to lend her shoulder and whatever else she's been lending along the way.  

But no matter, hottie is free to smile, laugh, travel, breathe in the fresh air of new life, and find the truly available, emotionally healthy man that deserves her.  (And, no, I promise, she's not me. LOL)

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really EWE.

But your description had me laughing, even though its so not funny.

Friend of yours?

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Acquaintance.  I've seen and heard enough to know what I'm talking about, unfortunately. ;-)  The moron of a father now sits and pines while his newest ex-wife is off experiencing Life again.  He's too stupid to realize that his daughter-wife who controls him via her sexuality and emotional manipulation is ensuring that he'll never be happy.  

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So glad she got the F out of that shitty situation. Sometimes it takes getting out to see even more clearly how dysfunctional that is.

You know I hope she spreads the word as to why she left. So many of us leave, or get dumped (which is a good thing) because of this sickness. Still we dont say a word to anyone because we somehow feel ashamed, and part of the abused self still protects the abuser. SAD> 

Hope she broadcasts to the universe this sick sick daddy daughter couple and thats why she left. 

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I hope she spreads the word, too.  Who knows, maybe she shared on here-I wouldn't know.  She's a strong woman, although one can discern "some" understandable insecurity/sadness on her face despite the bravado in her words.  The writing was on the wall and she prepared financially and mentally, which is the good thing.  It also helped that she has a wide circle of friends/support.