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The Brainwashing and Obfuscation Continues!!!

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Pumpkinhead, OSS23.5 posted this vignette on FB about a 96 year old man "still looking after his family"   Probably has gone viral.  A 96 yr old man is in court for speeding in a school zone.  He admits to the judge that he was taking his 63 year old son in for blood work every 2 weeks due to cancer. 

Obviously his case was dismissed and elderly gentleman was comended by the judge for "still being daddy to his son" but then Pumpkinhead twists the story to get a "dig" in at Chef.  Basically implying that "family" is for life and that Chef should still be "taking care of his family."  Even though he, his siblings and the Girhippo and her clan literally pushed Chef out of their lives, stopped all visitation despite Chef's reunification attempts, played "holier than thou" aka Chef is eevvvvviiill for getting a divorce from their sainted first family (even though Gir was more than happy to divorce and start up internet dating).

"96 years old and still taking care of his family.
I need to remember these inspirational moments, to keep myself going. Love you"  -Pumpkinhead

To keep myself going???!!! He's in the prime of his life!!! What victimology!!!! I guess I'm not surprised after he offered himself to be a human punching bag!! 


Then StepDaddyBigBucks' brother chimes in "Uncle Steve"   No doubt he's heard the one sided sob story!!!





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Sure has gone Viral! even me up in the Nordics, have seen that one. But it has been perceived a bit different here, and it has been seen as an example of how you often never get independent children when they are born with severe disabilities, like the ones that are intellectually and developmentally disabled. Since the man in the video said he is handicapped, then the cancer thing. So in my community, his comment would imply a 23-year-old grown man comparing himself to functioning on a level like people with severe disabilities. 

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"disabled" although the Girhippo didn't catch on to labeling HIM as "learning disabled-other" as a smokescreen for her bad/non parenting the way she did with the Animal Torturer, SD21.5 and the Houseshitter YSS17.


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I'm sure Spawns page is rife with trite crap like this all pointing out how DADDDEEEE left her, and I'm sure Meth Mouth is there to preach! This is why I removed Fakebook from my life.

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Ya know what I want to see in this childcentric society? Pressure and guilt being put on people to be good sons and daughters. 

We see stories about some awful, terrible, no good, very bad adult kids on this site. The narrative is always about them, the poor, poor CODs, and rarely about how they mistreat their parent(s). That needs to change.

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Haha "The Victimology!!!" brilliant word to describe these adult/children...How are these fathers SO blind! HOW!?!?