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Do you think 50/50 joint custody is good or bad for dc's? I feel like it'll be so hard for them to ever attach to a "home" - Say F-Tues at Dad's and W-Sun at Mom's with 2 days at each parent's during school week. Is this crazy or good for them to have equal life with each parent? Child has been living w similar situation since he was 2 and now he is 8 but I feel like this situation is messing him up emotionally b/c he is always on the run. HELP!


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I'm not a fan of it honestly-especially if it's not in longer stretches. That's just my opinion, I also feel it can mess kids up to do all that switching around, never feeling like they have one stable home. WIth very different rules, etc...just would not work for me.

And thank GOD bf doesn't have 50/50 in paper-it's already way more then the court order visitation as it is....

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I'd KILL for a one week/one week schedule. Right now we have SS every evening from 4-8:30 and every 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th weekends. Pretty much all the time he's not in school.

Yet, it sounds as BM having primary custody because he sleeps at her house. I would LOVE to have a whole week to ourselves.

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I am going to come down on the opposite side. I've worked with alot of kids who do horribly on this schedule (obviously I am going to see the situations it doesnt work out as a therapist)but I think it can only work if the parents in the situation are fairly mature individuals who have an ability to work together. If they cant work together then this situation can be hell on kids.

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We had a50/50 schedule, one week 3 days and next week 4 days . It was a bit chaotic and the two households were very, very different, but it worked out. DH had been doing that since ss was 5 and sd was a baby. He'd take them to work with him if he had to.
It could work out ok.