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When ASS met Medusa

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I recently learned that ASS met Medusa for lunch.  DH kinda hid that info from me, but it clearly got the best of him because the other night I went out to dinner with a friend and when I got home, DH pulled me into his office, told me to shut the door and then told me that he called ASS that morning to get some more details.  Turns out...

They actually met twice - each time she drove from MedusaTown to ASSCollegeTown, about a two hour trip.  First time they met for lunch.  ASS told DH that that visit went "okay" so when she texted him about coming to ASSCollegeTown for dinner, he said okay.

They met for dinner.  She began to ask ASS what he remembered about when she and DH were married.  ASS told her that he remembered DH being "really cool" and then when DH left, he remembered her teaching the kids that DH was the bad guy.

That devolved into a conversation wherein ASS told her that she was the one who handled things incorrectly, that now that he is older he has figured out that she was the one who "got what she deserved" when it came to the end of the marriage and the removal of her kids.

At that point, she "got very defensive and started reinventing history."  They decided to call it a night and she drove him back to his apartment.  A few hours later, she texted ASS and told him that he was "just a kid" and the way that he remembered events was not the way they happened.   That it was clear to her now that "Dad and that bitch" have brainwashed them and she didn't even know why she bothered.

ASS originally was going to ignore her, but he IS her child and so he replied.  Told her that "dad and WOB made sure we had everything" they needed to grow up and succeed and then ripped her a new one for abandoning them and missing all the the birthdays, Christmases and other milestones.

Her response?  "you are verbally harassing me.  If you don't stop, I will file a police report."

His response?  "go ahead.  And f*ck off while you're at it."

Two observations - first, he really is her child :-)   Second, now that she knows where he lives, I predict some flat tires in her future.  That's what she did to me.

And that's what happened when ASS met Medusa 7 and a half years after she ditched him...


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Interesting. So ASS gave you credit for all you've done for him. That's a steplife home run.

Do the younger kids know about BM? It would do them good to hear ASS's opinion of her.



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Yes, they do.  ASS shared his experience with them.  KarateKid still gets tears in his eyes whenever her name is mentioned.  BabyVoice will likely be the one who falls for Medusa's shit, but then again, she looks up to ASS, so who knows...

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The karma bus hit her, backed up and run over again...and then again.  I know ASS was a big pain in the ASS for you guys for years but WOW did he figure it out.  Good for him - she got what she deserved!

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WOB's DH is not talking to his ex.  WOB's SS, whom she calls ASS, visited with his BM (the ex) a few times.  ASS then told his father (DH) about it and DH told WOB.

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Unbelievable. She hasn’t seen her kids for like forever and she threatens them with police reports. What a classy lady.  

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Yeah, that's her go to move.  whenever someone tells her something she doens't like, she accuses that person of "verbally harassing" her.  Idiot.

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Sounds like my DH’s ex. Her response to everything is “I am a good person and don’t deserve the abuse”, she says everyone abuses her. She is the abusive one

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We have never been able to prove it, but all three times she learned of our new address, I mysteriously got a flat tire within the week.

She didn't leave - she had her kids taken away from her due to her inability to follow the parenting schedule and her refusal to foster a relationship between the skids and DH.

She was given two hours of visitation that she didn't use and that was taken from her, too.

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No, I meant what made DH leave Medusa (ie: when they were still together.) Y’all need a doorbell camera and park within visual range of the camera. They are in high definition, too. 

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Ah, well, she was cheating with the next door neighbor.  And one of her employees.  And the dude who worked on their cars....

Her vandalism was back in the days before door bell cameras, but we are totally wired up now Smile

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That is amazing!

Karma and all that.

Perhaps you will have to find a new  descriptive moniker for your OSS until he proves to you and his father he is not such an ASS at all......maybe ass~ lower case ~because maybe he is no longer such a big ASS  ?


This turn of events is amazing and heartening to all  step parents that  positive attitude change is a possibility and a wayward ASS may find or see the truth .

Could it be possible that  after years of being  PASed by nutjob bioho Medusa ASS actually saw the light and gave  his  once maligned father  and SM  credit for the care they imparted to him even when he was such a devious and painful  ASS.

Do you expect in future he will offer you and DH an apology for the many disrespectful and painful ASS episodes that he imparted to you both ? 

Medusa is toxic. WTF ! she flattened your tires?

"Medusa "is not nearly descriptive enough of her dark decrepit moth eaten soul. 

I think Miserable ,Evil ,Cuπ† face is apropos. What a conniving evil b¡tch.Yuck.

And why is she reaching out to have a relationship with him after 7.5 years? She dumped him ,all of them and never gave a sh!t about those 3 kids .Like a stray alley cat . Scratch that ...Cats in the street are better mothers.

You guys did all the heavy lifting rearing ASS and now she wants to cash in and  gloam onto him thinking down the road  she can get something ($$) out of this young man, take credit for any of his successes or perhaps   she is still hating her ex and you so much she wants to continue weaponizing these young adults starting with ASS ?

B!tch needs to get a hobby. Or a job.

Sick broken crazy souless b¡tch.

She sucks donkey.



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DH and I have always felt that, given enough time away from her toxicity, all three skids would "see the light."   If this is the first step in ASS seeing that, well, good for him.

Do I foresee an apology from ASS?  Nope - and that's okay with me.  I can still want what's best for him without actually having any involvement with him.

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Walk on by...every time I read your posts, I honestly cant get thru them because I am laughing to hard.


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Well you can totally tell she knows how to show motherly love to ASS. Just walzes in on basically exuding it while she tells him all about the "reality" of her abandoning him and tales of how amzing she is as a mother.


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Yeah, and then when he calls her out on her lies, she tells him he is "verbally harassing" her.

MOTY right there Smile