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What the what? CS is suddenly rolling in!

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I wonder if Medusa's tax refund was finally intercepted?

On 8/15, DH received a payment of $295.59. It was a typical payment. Two days later, he received a payment of $419.00. Both were applied to "current" support.

On Friday, he received another payment of $1731 - all of which was applied to "past due" support.

I am thinking that because it was an even amount AND it went to back support, that it was some kind of tax refund??

She is still $6749.53 in the hole - lol!!!

What the what??


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wowserz!!!!!!!!! I bet it was an intercepted tax refund. I doubt Medusa suddenly wants to start financially supporting her children on her own free will

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Yeah - that's what I am thinking, due to the amount alone.

We know the pay schedule at the office products place where she "works."

We know that she has voluntarily reduced her income there from the crap she produced during discovery during the last CS go-round.

DH knows the pattern of how many days past the pay day that the money comes into his account.

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and whatcha going to do with this sudden windfall? Don't kill me if I suggest a loaf of bread for Baby Voice. Tee hee. Sorry. I'll behave now.

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Well, since DH just had to drop about $600 on books for ASS, I suppose he will reimburse himself.

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Please update us on the fireworks... when they start. It should be entertaining.

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She won't contact us. We haven't heard from her in over 4 years.

She will likely use this as part of her poor poor Medusa line - eye roll...

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that's exactly what I was thinking, mustang.

Oh, and I told DH that I might consider going to parents weekend with him, but only if you were going AND we could meet up for drinks - you and me, that is - LOL!!

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I will do some research. You can come up and hang with me, while DH can enjoy some bonding time with ASS.

None of my kids ever let me come to parents weekend - LOL!

Of course, I attended the same college as DD25 and Thing1, so it wasn't like I needed to go Smile

Thing2 is at the "other Big 10 school" and I drive up to see him all the time - lol! No parents weekend needed there, either.

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No m'aam!! not even a little bit looking it in the mouth

DH received more in those five days than he has gotten in the prior 6 months!!

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there is an income withholding order. Whatever "wages" she earns at OfficeProductsPlace are garnished at 50% of her take home Smile

If it were up to HER to send in payments, we would see nothing. EVER...