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Let her eat cake - OR - it's my birthday, dude...

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So, my birthday was Saturday.  My dad sent me some lovely flowers, the kids sent me cards and even the skids had a card for me.  All very nice.  

So - I am super careful about food right now and sugar and gluten are NOT a part of my life, so no cake for me.  Which is fine because I am an adult and don't need a birthday cake Smile

DH and I are sitting at dinner Saturday night and he tells me that BabyVoice asked if he was going to make a cake for me.  He told her no, because I didn't want one and wasn't eating sugar and crap right now.  She said "but I want cake."  He said that maybe he would bring her a piece of cake from the restaurant.  I said the following - 

"since when is my birthday about what BabyVoice wants?  Her birthday is in 12 days and she can have cake then." 

he said "well, I was just trying to make her happy."

I said "not gonna end well for you, buddy.  Today is MY birthday, so you really need to think more about making me happy."

He shut up and all went well.

Last night, my mom came over for dinner.  She asked if she could bring a cake.  I told her nope, we were good without cake.  Sure enough, at dinner, BabyVoice pipes up that she wants cake.  Now, I hadn't told my mom about the events of the night before, but G-d love her, after hearing BabyVoice demand cake, she said, "well, your birthday is coming up so you can have cake for your birthday.  Today is WOB's birthday, so we will go with what SHE wants."

My mom doesn't usually "get it" but when she does, she hits it out of the park!


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Good for StepGMa.

For Pete's seek, if Poor BabyVoice can't manage to wait until her birthday for  piece of cake, maybe she can nag Daddy to swing by the bakery one afternoon this week and grab a mid-week treat. A fricken cupcake. Daddy can get one too. They can celebrate Happy Wednesday before they arrive home. 

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Happy belated birthday!! 

I make a mean, almost no sugar, key lime pie. I am on a road trip roll, so I could be in your part of the world soon! Pie is always better than cake, IMHO. Biggrin

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You got it!

4 tsp. grated lime zest

1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

14 oz. sweetened condensed milk

4 large egg yolks

Whisk yolks and zest until smooth and light green. Beat in milk then the juice. Leave to thicken at room temp for about 30 minutes.


9 graham crackers run through food processor.

2 tbls sugar (opt.)

5 tbsp. melted butter pulsed through food pro.

Smush into glass pie pan and bake at 325 for 18-20 min.

Allow crust to completely cool (about 30 minutes) before adding the filling. Add lime filling and bake for about 15 to 17 minutes until set but still jiggley in center. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Just before serving: beat 3 /4 cups heavy cream adding 1/4 cup confectioners sugar a little bit at a time until stiff peaks. Pipe or spread whip cream on pie. 

Sooooo yummy! I have used regular limes as key limes are often elusive and whole foods is 1.5 hours away. No one can ever tell the difference! Wink

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Happy belated birthday, WOB!! Give rose

I'm a crabby effing beeyotch today. If your DH had not pulled his head out of his arse, I would have been happy to dislodge it with my foot.

As for BV... bring it. I'm in the mood. She won't WANT cake after I'm done with her. Diablo

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OMG - love what you said to DH about remembering that he should making the birthday girl happy!! Smile

Bravo! and Happy Birthday!!

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We have the same birthday. Happy birthday!  Fortunately for me my SDs are adults so they had no impact on the day.

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Happy birthday!

SS ruined my last birthday by wrecking the truck we bought him into MSD's jailbird bf's car. DH's name was on the title so he had to race off to deal with that when the police called him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, sitting at home alone. I was livid. Both jailbird boyfriend and bf's mom were hauled off due to warrants. I have NO IDEA how SS did not get charged with anything.