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Close call - almost a Medusa sighting!

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I think I have told you guys before about Medusa's grandmother, Teddy. She is well into her 80s, and is is her paternal grandmother.

Got a text from Medusa's SM this morning telling us that Teddy had taken a fall and broke her hip in three places. She underwent surgery yesterday and she now has a 12" rod in her right leg. Medusa's SM wanted to know if DH would take the skids over to the hospital to see her. *danger danger Will Robinson*

I called Medusa's SM and asked what the Medusa situation was. She told me that the nurses said Medusa was there last night for a bit, left the room to grab something from the cafeteria, and then hid for two hours when she made her way back to the room and realized that Medusa's dad and SM were there.

I then called DH and asked him what he was going to do - he said he would run the kids up there today (no school for them for some reason) but that if she was there, he would take the skids and leave. He took the skids up to the hospital around 1pm.

They stayed about an hour and as they headed out the door, DH realized that he left his phone in the room. He tossed the keys to KarateKid and went back to the room. He grabbed his phone and headed back out when he heard it - her voice.

Luckily, he didn't see her and the skids were in the elevator. Could have been a disaster!!


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Yeah - DH and I always knew that when something happened to Teddy that we would need a Medusa strategy.

I do think it's funny that she hid when her dad, SM and sisters were there - a grown ass woman hiding in the hallways for two hours!


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DH's plan was to take the kids and leave. It's going to happen at some point - Teddy is something like 86 and won't be around too much longer and MedusaDad is not in good health, either. We will just have to fall off that bridge when it comes around...

It is something that worries DH, though, that's for sure.