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Some petty stuff

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Blog hog here, but I had to add some petty happenings from the week. 

We live in a SMALL town. DH and I had friends over on Sat. night for game night- They all work at the same bar/restaurant in town, which is where SS used to work also (I got him the job through my friends). One of my friends told us she met Crazy recently- she was getting her hair done by a girl who works at this same bar/restaurant, and Crazy was in there getting hers done by the same girl- the hairdresser introduced Crazy to my friend and said "oh this is (SS16's) mom" friend was just like, Ohh, yeah I know SS16.... (my friend has heard all about Crazy, so this was awkward). My friend kept talking to the hairdresser, telling her what she did for her birthday, and said that she "went out with Truenorth and DH and some other friends for dinner and drinks, then Truenorth and DH invited everyone over to their house/bar, so of course we did that!". Crazy was sitting right there, listening to this whole story, and for some reason felt the need to say "DH is my ex-husband".  My friend said, "oh yeah that's right"! *ROFL* Why on earth would you need to point that out? You have to know we tell people you are nuts! You should just be sitting there in shame with your mouth shut you dumb box. But Crazy has no friends or life, so I love that this is all being said in front of her. 

Then, last time skids were with us, SD13 told us she wants the "wolf" haircut. She absolutely needs a new haircut with some style - my cousin happens to be the Manager of the Cost Cutters in town, which is where DH took her last time. So SD and I discussed what we thought a good length would be, and DH said this week we could take her to get it done. But of course Crazy wanted that glory, so she took her last week on her time before we could do it. But where did she take her? To the Cost Cutters in town, where my Cousin cut SD's hair  *kiss3*  I imagine Crazy thinking, FFS, can I just go to a salon without hearing about Truenorth and ex-DH or seeing someone in Truenorth's circle?? 

My hope is that this continues happening as a constant reminder that people who suck as much as she does don't have friends or a life. 


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Haha that is so funny what a small world. How awkward and hilarious for Crazy haha she may have to drive out of her way now to get her hair cut. I find going to the hairdressers you bump into or overhear people talk and realise you actually know the people they are talking about. One time I was sitting there getting my hair done and a girl came in and got her hair done by my hairdresser too and started venting about the local sports club and two people that annoyed her there which happened to be my sister and her partner (BMs dad). I just sat there and listened to it all and was laughing silently to myself. I can't stand BMs dad (he's a Disney dad to BM) and never understood what my sister sees in him and know she can be a Biatch herself so I wasn't offended.  It's just hilarious what a small world it is when your at the hairdresser and what gossip you may overhear haha. I went home and told DH and we had a good laugh about it. 

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Wait, your sister is dating BM's dad?? It is funny what you overhear. I vent about Crazy to my hairdresser, half the people in there probably know who she is. Lol. 

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You can't make that up! I can only imagine what BM thinks, you and your sister have her ex and her dad! To be a fly on the wall at the holidays gatherings...

Hairdressers have all the best gossip, I'm sure they hear both sides so often it's not even funny.