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Money jar/incentives for skids

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Hi there. I've been a long time lurker and I feel kind of guilty that I'm only a reader and don't post. I'm a stepmom to a 16 year old and 13 year old. My husband was awarded custody after many years of garbage and after custody trial last year. Kids are with their mom for the summer (she moved to WA after custody was changed). They will be returning here in less than two weeks.

After our first year (last year) with two teenagers full time in our home, DH and I have been talking about different things to try with them.

Several weeks ago, I read a post on here about someone who uses a quarter jar...$5 are put in and when they do something inappropriate (language) they loose a quarter. If they don't loose any, they get to keep it....what really caught my eye was something about if someone calls the other an inappropriate name and the other retorts...something interesting happened with the quarters and I can't remember what it was. It was a post that had some detailed info about how the poster used it in their home.

I read that blog to my DH and he said "oh...that's good". And now that they are soon home, we were trying to remember the details...I should have printed it out at the time. DH really wants to try it, it was such a great post for our situation.

I have searched the site to try and find, but cannot find it:(

If someone remembers this or if it was you, we would be so grateful if you could lead me to that post, or re-post what it was that you did with this in your home.



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I thought it was you, but didn't want to name names because I couldn't remember for was so helpful, a PM would be wonderful!