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YSS18 (HousesHitter) Has been late or absent EVERY DAY

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of the school year.  Looks like the school has just thrown up their hands and have stopped issuing disciplinary referrals on it.   Lots and lots of "zero" marks on assignments as far as the eye can see.  Can't really blame the school district if the Gir is not even going to put forth the effort to see if he graduates.  She probably knows they will just graduate him out of sheer pity. 

They are back to in person except for Wednesdays which the HousesHitter views as a day off.  Well maybe he'll get a job as a professional protester.  LOL  Hell he may even meet up with Bratty McBratface.  

The enmeshment is deep rooted and there are no rules to rebel against at the Gir and StepDaddyBigBucks house so doubt he'll emancipate before age 21.  That and being totally unemployed.


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Most schools are working on the pass them on policy this year. Here in CA we started back in class part time, most of the seniors refused to return because it's not worth their time. Our friend is a teacher and he said he has been told to pretty much pass them along even if they have zero attendance and have not turned anything in.

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SS18 is in school part-time, but it's considered full-time. He has school 2 hours a day. 2.Hours.A.Day. Bloody ridiculous that 10 hours a WEEK is FT. Because of his PT school schedule, he is working just shy of 40 hours a week AND is doing side work for extra money. DH and I were talking about how much we could have accomplished with this craptastic schedule in our HS years.

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at least he's working.   The only thing the HousesHitter is working is the vaseline jar and vid games.  

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Yes, DH is very pleased SS is working and that he has DH's work ethic. The school thing is such a joke. 

HousesHitter combined with vaseline... *shok*

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House sitter is a lost course.  The school is going to fail him for not showing up.  How can you pass a kid who's never there ?   You should try to end CS because he's not in school.  
Just, JUST make sure he never lives with you.  
BM will try to unloaded him on someone.When she gets tired of supporting him.  And you get he needs a father guidance!!!   To turn his life around to a couch surfer 

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So you can't cut off CS because he's not in school.,  It goes to age 21 and NYS will just pass him anyway.  He's too far gone, PASed out and enmeshed to rejoin with his father.

I do hope that he never ever sets his cloven hoof across my threshold.

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LOL.  Maybe he and Bratty already know each other from the protest circuit?

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HS and GWR could be twins.

GWR has no job again..he old job won't take him back ( I suspect he failed the drug test) and he can't find another job.  So he lives in Beaver's basement with his vid games and pee bottles.  He is now failing PE and English..both he has to pass to graduate.  He wasn't in school the other day....but that was the school's fault for not marking him present. (Sure. Beaver....the school just didn't mark him present).  

GWR and HS need to move in together...they make a perfect pair.