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You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!!!

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The Houseshitter (YSS17) received yet another disciplinary action; this is the 11th disciplinary action so far this year:

       Description:  "Today YSS wore socks that had pictures of Cannabis leaves on them. Mrs. English Teacher pulled him aside, reminded him of the dress code and ask that he at least roll the socks down so that it is less obvious. YSS begrudgingly complied"   (probably rolled them back up as soon as class was finished, no doubt)

Comments:  "Met with the Principal. YSS was warned that if he violates the school dress code a gain, he'll be required to have a change of clothes brought to school before returning to classes."




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What kind of parent buys and washes pot socks for their minor child?  Or sees them and does not demand their immediate removal?  Oh yeah....a BAD one!  Does he also have socks with pics of pills and genitals on them?  I am sure they exist.  You can get pretty much anything on the internet!

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GIRHIPPO!  Who is employed by telling foster parents how to parent!!!   so ironic!!!  I'm thinking she may be afraid of him now that he is 6' 2" tall, 250 lbs and 37% body fat.  he is able to do 2 pushups though.

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he is able to do 2 pushups though.

What, he fell down face first, failed at the first attempt to push himself up, but managed it with the second? *diablo*

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I just Googled "d*ck socks" and oh boy, are there options! 

And no, that's not duck socks although those would be cuter.

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Lol!!! Yes!!!

OSS15 wore a shirt to our home once that was tie dyed with line drawings of mushrooms all over the front.

I asked him if he knew what the mushrooms on his shirt represented, and he said "no." ... obviously a lie for many reasons. I told him we will talk about his shirt the next time he visits. He never wore the shirt again to our home.

I can only imagine how the Maggot Queen explained that one to his school though...

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he dressed in shorts to a school function which was supposed to be dress up.  He was the only kid in the photo wearing slobesque clothes.

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11  disciplinary actions? OMG - My sons have had other faults...but they got through all grade school w/out ONE disciplinary action.

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and that is just for the 1st semester of 11th grade

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That school is part of the problem. Even out here in nutty CA, such truancy would have resulted in legal action against the Girhippo. You'd think the administration would at least care about the $$ lost when the Housesh!tter is absent.