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Below Mediocre

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Speaking of mediocrity.... the Houseshitter (YSS17) is failing every.subject.except....

Drum Roll please..



In the beginining he was even giving VC a miss but now since it's the only subject he's passing, he's focused attention and is pulling off 90s in it.

(insert MASSIVE eye roll)


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Please pass the paper towels. There is coffee all over my monitor and desktop. My coworkers thought I sneezed!

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if it werent all true it would REALLY be hysterical.  you can't make this stuff up!

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I thought of The Houseshitter earlier when a SM was complaining about her SD using Vagisil... to you know, wash.  I cannot imagine how bad it had to have been to get "The Houseshitter" moniker 

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shit all over the house when he was angry and didn't get the full attention of daaaadddeeeee when he was stb7.

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I have no freaking idea how the Hades you managed to stay. That would 100% be a no freaking way for me. I'd be out faster than flies on...well, you know. 

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is that they are all PASed out.   I haven't seen the Houseshitter's ugly mug for over a decade now.

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Well, since OSS didn't make it in the music industry, maybe it'll be Houshitter's time to shine! Maybe he's the one with the musical talent after all!*ROFL*

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If anything he is the least talented and the most homely of all three children!!  He looks good in orange with his strawberry blonde hair, though.

Its hard to be the least talented in the sea of underachieving that is Chef's spawn