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So Chef is being more of an asshat than usual... which even for him is a high-level to attain.  His business has slowed down quite radically and instead goes to work on the rental.  Meanwhile, I work remotely from the rental with a caulking gun in one hand and a mouse in the other.

He ran into an old co-worker from 5 jobs back who recently lost his wife to Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Chef personally knew his wife as well because she was the nurse who delivered his 3 ferals!

Chef was musing on what it's like to be alone.   I wryly said:  "you'd be fine."  (in actuality Chef has never been on his own for very long)

Then he said something very strange.

"I don't know about that...I've always had good women behind me."

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Now keep in mind in the past under alcohol-fueled tirades he has said that I am "just as bad as the Girhippo."

And Girhippo NEVER financially supported a man as I have been doing my entire adult life.

Needless to say I made no comment about this strange quip.



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Whoa there Chef. Not cool.

Maybe he was talking about his mama? LOL! You kept your cool way better than I would have. That would have been an "Are you freaking kidding me?? Are you seriously calling Gir a 'good' woman??"

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I came very close to asking him if he was talking about his mother who he supposedly worships.  She is deceased

I'm thinking if the gir hippo was such a good woman why the hell did you get divorced?.  We obviously know they both are failures at being a parent

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He should never compare you to another woman, period. Especially not the ex.

I wouldn't let this drop.

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I'd wonder if he was trying to compliment you and ended up accidentally extending that to his ex? Chef has always been a few cards shy of a full deck, so it could go either way.

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tendencies so everything he says i take with a grain of salt.  

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This guy is gross.

Why do stay with him and take so much abuse?

You are now lumped in with his "good women beside him" memories..WTF?

WHY did he leave that supposed train wreck for you? That sh*t talk would def have me packing after twisting his balls off. And he's a big drunk on top of being a lousy partner and father of filthy ferals. .

Really ,aren't you better than this?

And please, TT,  don't mention how great he is with is "tool" or I'll  throw up that fine smoked bacon and waffle lunch.Most drunks  have tools that don't work at all.