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Thanksgiving Day Debacle Update

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As I anticipated,  AwesomeDIL bowed out of coming to our house for Thanksgiving which is completely reasonable.  As we all know Chef has never been reasonable.  He does not know yet that she is not coming.

This really takes a load off of me that she is not coming...I will be at her house Tuesday through Wednesday noon as I have appointments on Monday for my car and Wednesday afternoon for Chef's work van. 

I checked one of my freezers and I have plenty of cranberry sauce and turkey gravy from last year.  Chef will be getting a deep fried turkey breast only not an entire turkey.  He usually gets sick of turkey after the second day anyways and usually only eats the white meat of the turkey.  I have pre-made the dressing and all I have to worry about is the green beans which I usually steam for about 7 minutes then saute them with shallots.

I have the fixings for pumpkin pie,  one of which I will be bringing over to AwesomeDIL on Tuesday.  I will also be taking Awesomeson's car to get inspected for the year as that expires the end of this month and he is away overseas for the Air Force.

AwesomeDIL told me that she didn't really feel much like celebrating Thanksgiving this year anyways with Awesomeson away until early April, which is completely understandable.  I will tell this to Chef.  He owes me one anyway after he was nasty this past week on my birthday no less about a ridiculous door lock!


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Not on your birthday....

Good thing it will be easier for you this time around

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Happy Belated Birthday!! He is doesn't like it tell him to go spend it with his kids LOL.