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Speaking of Revisionistic Thinking

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The other day , Chef and I were having a conversation because awesome son and his expectant bride want to remodel their bathroom and take out the tub leaving just a shower.

Chef was concerned because with children usually you need a tub especially when they are smaller.  He brought up small children and bodily fluids.  

And then the shocker!  He actually mentioned the housesHitter in the scenario when he literally shit all over my house on purpose because he was angry due to not getting attention from a Chef AKA waking up in the middle of the night and surfing the web for toys.

He said  "kids get sick... I remember how the housesHitter GOT SICK  and pooped all over the house."

SAY WHAT?????!!!!

UMMM the housesHitter literally pulled this stunt twice except the first time he tried to make himself vomit because he wasn't getting his way and then the next weekend we had him he upped his game to shitting all over the house.

It  so traumatized me that I remember it clearly to this day but Chef wants to delude himself into thinking that his precious poopsikins (literally) was actually ill!!!!

Absolutely not!!!! He was almost 7 and was having a temper tantrum which he had frequently when he didn't get his way which was seldom at our house and never at the Girhippo's house.

And yet Chef always puts a negative spin on Awesomeson when he went into the Air Force like it was Chef's idea and that Awesomeson was on this wayward path until he went into the armed services.  Awesomeson, had launched, had a job and was taking college courses on his own initiative.  

Chef always takes complete credit for parenting Awesomeson as though he turned Awesomeson's life around!



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What was your response when Chef claimed that the HousesHitter was sick? OMG! I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut.

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But later,  I showed him a recent post HousesHitter had made on social media containing vulgarity, anti-social behaviour and violence.   I then added,  this is what happens when children are never parented.


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Yes, what was your response?

When my DH used to try to rewrite history, I corrected him every time. I felt that if I had to suffer through it, damned if I was going to allow him to erase it.

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That's exactly how I feel. I ended up in therapy for years and was diagnosed with trauma so I damn well get to correct DH each and every time.

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I'm laughing but it isn't funny.  DH does this, too.  A further trip into our past Disney history.

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I would have looked at him like he had two heads and went...sick.....oh mean mentally sick.. like sick since he decided to shit all over the house because he didn't get what he wanted?  Yea..I guess you can call that "sick".  I'd call it appalling behavior but whatever get you through the day there Chef.