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Speaking of open water bottles near ipads

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Received an email from a full grown yet 20-something Sheriff Deputy who spilled an amp energy drink on his specialized laptop.  He was supposed to drop it off yesterday morning as he works the C shift.   I went into work even though I'm not scheduled to call into work at all now and hardware issues are being set as a low priority.

No sign of the laptop.   so this morning I get an email from him saying that he has left the laptop for replacement.  We don't have any spare parts on hand and the guy who orders things is also working from home AKA Dr Phil.  In other words no backlit keyboards.  We have a few regular keyboards but this guy works C shift and needs a backlit.

I have to get him a whole new laptop which is a a pain in the ass with all the software licensing,  data transfer etc.

Plus when we reissue, we are not supposed to issue anymore equipment with Windows 7 which he has currently.

I guess he'll have to wait until next week. 

 In other news,  Mrs. Headlights is coming into work!  She surprised me when I walked into the office and there she was.  She is most likely trying to get away from her husband who works the B shift at a local Big Box store.

And no, Mrs Headlights cannot reissue this Deputy a new laptop.  she would screw it up for sure.  I noticed that Dr Phil's packages were gone so he must have come into the office at some point.  I wouldn't be surprised if they are having a liaison there.   Ewwww


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The gaming device was acting up and getting hot. So YSS using his infinite genius PUT A BAG OF ICE ON IT. When I freaked know, because an expensive device getting water in it after the ice melts and leaks out the sandwich bag is a huge waste of money and DH might want to make them happy by getting a new one rather than let them deal with their consequences...and I said "you put water on electronics?!" YSS response was "It's not water, it's ice." I just shot a look at DH that said "seriously, how stupid is this kid?"

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deputy is all of 24 yrs old.   i weep for the under 30 set