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Semi O/T Lizzie Borden

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I visited my DD and SIL in Massachusetts recently.  I got to spend the whole day with DD.  We went shopping at "Savers," did some siteseeing and of course visited the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River. 

As you know Lizzie killed her STEPmother basically after years of feuding, mostly over finances.  The straw that broke the camel's back was when Lizzie's and Emma's  (her older sister) father Andrew decided to bail out one of the SM's relatives financially who were on the precipice of getting evicted (back then there were NO tenants rights and the landlord could evict you for anything; there were ZERO second chances).  Andrew purchased the house for them outright and let them live in it rent free.   From all accounts, the SM, Abby, made every effort to try and gain the skid's approval to no avail.   Not the "eeeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiiillll  SM"  that we hear so much about.

Lizzie, being a doted on skid (mother died when she was young) wanted to have a life like her "richer" relatives up on the hill.

Andrew was very frugal despite having the equivalent of today's money 10 to 12 million dollars.   The SM, Abby, was killed FIRST that way her family would be sure NOT to inherit any of Andrew's wealth, then she killed her father with the same hatchet (allegedly)

False chivalry was in play since her jurors were all men and decided that a helpless female could not have possibly done such a horrid act.

Lizzie promptly burned the dress she was wearing  when she did the deed saying there was paint on it, charred the hatchett in the fire so as to remove any traces and blood, etc.  Emma her older sister had an alibi of being "out of town" and one of her uncles just decided to show up the night before then mysteriously leave the next day before the murders took place.  The maid also had an alibi as well.  No 'enemies" of Andrew were ever found as suspects.  Many came forward saying that Lizzie was warped from childhood; often killing small animals such as cats and birds so as to have funerals for them (hmm sound familiar to me; SD in my case was like this)

Lizzie and Emma immediately went out and bought a mansion on a hill, naming it "Maplecroft" and the rest is history.

Hmm seems like the SM/skids feud is forever eternal.


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This case fascinates me and I always felt so sorry for Abby, the Sm. She was a timid little lady who wasn’t able to have children of her own. She was kind to her stepdaughters and apparently Lizzie was still young enough at the time of the marriage, that Abby did act as a mother to her for a few years. But Emma the older sister made sure to poison that well. By the time Lizzie was an adult she was quite a mess and a known kleptomaniac and refused to speak to her Sm. Poor Abby suffered as much as they did under the father’s self-imposed extreme frugality. And got murdered for her trouble. 

I fully believe that Emma knew all about the murders before they happened and probably helped Lizzie plan them.

I would love to visit that house! Is it as small and cramped as I’ve read about? 

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Yes, it is small and cramped. I got the serious heebie jeebies in the maid's room upstairs and had to leave into the hallway immediately.

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I was up in the maids quarters alone; was fascinated by the beautiful wooden door that sealed off the maid's quarters.   One of my customers called me while I was up there and the rest of the tour went downstairs. 

I DID take photos of myself and my DD outside the sign in front.  My DD's photo had a streak of light from heaven down to her and what looked like "hands" around her waist from the back.  Very odd.    She is very much fascinated by wicca, etc.   They recently visited Salem.    My photo turned out plain and unflattering as usualy LOL!

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Sounds like a beautiful picture! I’m dying to visit Salem as well! 

Im so happy you’re taking a nice trip and spending time with your daughter and not sparing a thought for Chef and his idiots.

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I think I will call my SD Lizzie from now on, and sport a safety helment just in case! Wink

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We stayed the night and investigated at the Lizzie Borden house and it was creepy, but I think more because you know people were murdered there.  

I would love to go see Maplecroft and investigate there.  I have read books and read theories but the one that always comes back is the step parent angle.  I can agree with that. 

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Yesterday on a Facebook group for large families I saw yet another post with a stepmom asking for help on dealing with her husbands kids and get bashed incessantly for no reason. Some of the bad advice: love them so hard they can feel it no matter what and it will payoff in the end; stop calling them his kids and call them our kids; and the usual you knew he had kids and they didn't just become like that (after her saying several times that it got worse after marriage).

Perhaps the evil stepmom just didnt love little lizzie hard enough. Haha, because we all know that's all it takes.