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As Was Suggested...Reviving the Skid Nicknames Post

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Mine were:  OSS=Pumpkinhead  (he looks like a big white pumpkin with two blue dots for eyes--aka the "no soul" meme)

SD: VD (she seemed very precocious for her age and often posts photos of her licking other girls, guys,etc.)

YSS: Prince Hygiene (had ZERO hygiene and as far as I can tell, still does from the look of his grubby fingernails) aka the houseshitter.  yes he literally shit ON my furniture and spread it all over the house when he didn't get his way at stb 7.


More ideas:


Lizzie=Lizzie Borden

I was always particularly fond of "Chuckie" (can't remember if that had a bad/sad ending or not)

Zippy was Endora's nickname for her slothmovement over babied gigantic SS.  I miss her posts from 14 years ago.

Feel free to contribute.


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I usually refer to SD15 as Killjoy, but I think BitchFace would be equally apt.  I refrain out of respect for DH.


GBM calls her Bratty Brat.

SIL calls her Little Brat.

MIL calls her Little Bitch.


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That is so strange! We honestly must have been typing at the same time! Please don't think I'm some weirdo that read your comment and then wrote mine haha.

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Hahaha love your nicknames. I didn't personally have any but I've seen someone on here call their stepkid "killjoy". I laughed alot at that, brilliant. And so apt for alot of us I'm sure haha.

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I call my SD29 "C*ntney" or "Ole Bulbous Lip."

Her name comes close to C*ntney and she has wonky lips. They are thick, with kind of a nubulous part that hangs down in the middle and her mouth is very narrow. It makes for her thickish lips being scrunched up into a ball just sitting there on her long narrow face. She has resting bitchy face and looks at people as if they're holding a turd under her nose. It accentuates the bulbous look of her top lip. Hence, "Turd Under the Nose," as another nickname.

DH does not know about there nicknames. He has a niece who can't stand SD and she is the once who has dubbed SD as "Turd Under the Nose," and "C*ntney." I'm the one that named her "Ole Bulbous Lip," or "OBL."

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On the other end of the spectrum Chef's ferals have Chef's no lips disease.  Thinnest lips ever!  Big, long noses with slits for nostrils!! Toss in zero facial bone structure!

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Meth mouth needs no explanation.

Spawn, because I told DH she was spawned from his tainted sperm, lol.

Grandhag because she is a fat old interfering hag 

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SD15: SlowMo - hates to move at all wherever possible but when faced with no other option does everything in super slow motion. This one's going to get eaten in the zombie apocalypse.

SS14: The Creep - lurks, creeps and sneaks about including hanging around outside our bedroom windows to 'accidentally overhear' stuff. Mentally records everything in the cupboards to sneak back and take later. Has no concept of personal space to the point where you are so uncomfortable that you move. 

Random Summer House Guest 1: Jabba the Hutt - does nothing but eat and lie in bed all day.

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I never had nicknames for my DH's kids. They're just Older and Younger. One of the BMs has always been referred to as PsychoBi!chFromH@ll, though. Some BM nicknames are funnier and bi!chier. C@ntalotopus always cracks me up.

We have had some funny skid names on STalk over the years. I remember CaptainSh!!typants, the SS who refused to use the toilet. That member got the H@ll out, and the SS is probably still crapping his pants in high school.

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Chuckie is definitely a horror story. Sad

I remember Red Face Magee...

Really cannot post what I call SD23 to my sister. SS16 used to be 'PigPen' but his hygiene has greatly improved. SS20 used to be 'PrincASS'. The Army made a YUGE difference!

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BM here doesn’t like her kids to call her Mom or Mommy, that is not speshul enough, so SK calls BM “Mother” always said in this prissy little voice like the heroine in a movie from the 1930s. So she’s strictly Mother to me as well! 

I don’t have names for my SKs but I did give private nicknames to the spoiled kids of a guy I used to date: The Special Snowflake, The Teen Queen, and The Little Prince.

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I'd call SS16 The Easy Kid because he's really easy to get along with and takes care of himself. 

SD9 is "Precious Little Princess" because SO used to think of her as just that (but doesn't anymore thank god) BM still treats her this way though, which is why the name sticks... that or Drama Queen. 

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Tiny Dancer the SS.  LOL

Red Faced Magee.  Side splitting!

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What happened to that poster? I remember it from my past step he$$. It always made me laugh 

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Skid = Spy Skid or Snowflake Princess, but never in front of DH.

And just for funsies...

BM = Penis Breath. That one was started by DH years ago, because BM’s favorite pastime (WHILE MARRIED), obvs.

MIL = Mommy Dearest

FIL = Bad Grandpa, because dude has issues, like refrainable ones at his age, but he chooses not to. 

Also, Thumper (as in bible thumper) because he’s a hypocrite who charades as a #1 christian.

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I've never had one for SS.

We call BM "PEW" (Psycho Ex Wife) as in, "The pew", "Her Pewishness", "Pews are gonna be pewish", etc.

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Our BM is always referred to as “Bozo” because she cakes on makeup like a clown in addition to her household “operating” like a 3 ring circus.

DH isn’t aware, but in my head I refer to OSS as “Psycho,” and YSS as “The Marshmallow Boy.”

Nicknames definitely help lighten the mood and dehumanize the target so that the crazy things they say and do aren’t so hurtful or personal...

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I have one normal SD and one delinquent criminal SD. I only ever refer to them by name no nicknames. But my sister in law, DH’s sister, calls delinquent one “stripper-whore”. Lol She had terrible issues wuth OSD when she  lived close to them. She calls her that to DH’s face. I kind of cringe when she says it but issues SIL  had with her were severe to say the least so I understand