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O/T Work Rant

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Ok, so I've been here a little over seven years and have gotten promoted to network analyst. Granted my skills with cisco switches aren't top notch but I do a lot of higher level IT work and also am mentor for co-workers in my old position PLUS I'm doing a lot of my old work because of chronic staffing shortages. I also train interns and temp help.

That being said, my boss and the "higher echelon" (network/sys admins) etc. REFUSE to give me permissions to do a lot of the higher level work that I'm supposed to do. To make things worse, when the "higher echelon" all go out for coffee, seminars, business meetings, etc. There is no one to call on when a higher level staff member locks themselves out of their computer.

Backstory: One of the "higher echelon" staff members was once wed to a co-worker with my old title. Because they supported a 24/7 department (as do I), they gave HER these special permissions. When they divorced, this female staff member went cray cray, ran to the union for everything, was a general PITA to the higher echelon. They took away her special permissions in the end and she soon was "volun-told" to retire.

Fast forward to now--although I have tried to broach the subject several times, the guy who practically runs the joint (senior network guy--thirty something millennial) REFUSES to give me the same permissions although I feel I have proven myself over the years. He has given me charge of the windows update server and now the antivirus server; still no permissions. He goes through backflips and makes extra work for HIMSELF trying to avoid giving me these permissions. He had runs-ins with this former co-worker and perhaps he thinks because I too am female that I will go "cray cray" at anytime and run amuck.

In addition, another lady who was hired at the same time as me is now filling my old position, however with a "slight" problem. She knows NOTHING about computers! So I am responsible to train her aka spoon feed her the job. I have a good relationship with my boss (also higher echelon but not the sr. networking guy) however this lady has an EXTREMELY good relationship with the boss and it is due mostly to her physical attributes (although she is the same age as I am).

The boss can be a bit flirty which I was quick to shut down fast when I started working here, however this lady, who is going through a rough patch with her husband who has been unemployed/laid off for 2 years now, welcomes his flirtations whole heartedly and I see it has gotten her some other permissions/access to some stuff I was begging for for years but fell on deaf ears.

At this point I feel the only way to further my career is to get a boob job!!!


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I work on i systems mainly, but my boss is insisting I take classes and get the Cisco certs. Ugh, it is not my favorite thing at all. Can you create a list of jobs that you do and what authority is necessary for each step, thus proving that you need the authority? Part of the audits I do involves selecting a random position and doing authority checks based on the job description and actual duty list. Normally it's to remove unnecessary authority but I've seen it work positively the other way too. Somehow the c-suites tend to trust reports and spreadsheets more than people.

As to the boobs thing, yeah I've seen that too! It's frustrating as hell. A person who I'm hoping is willing to become a mentor for me does sessions at a big industry conference on exactly that and dealing with it in the workplace.

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they have done audits recently and took away a lot of permissions for anyone who was not on call--i.e. 24 access to buildings, etc.

and the boobs co-worker? hard to compete with 36GG no I am NOT kidding. ever since her husband got laid off, she's been wearing tight shirts and plunging necklines. I suspect she will have domain admin before I will despite the fact that for all intensive purposes, her skill set is at "receptionist. "

Well at least they offer to send you to training. I would LOVE to go to CCNA classes. The only people in my group who go to training,seminars, conferences,etc are the afore mentioned "upper echelon."

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TRic - start a GOFundMe account for that boob job lol.....

or be a bitch and tell him you are going to HR due to the sexual harassment in the office... the whole US is on the Harvey band wagon now, so glad I'm not a male in a senior position currently in US....