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O/T My Butt Is Killing Me

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From being foolish enough to let my front garden which is 30' X 30' go for a year while doing rennos on our first duplex.   I weeded for 8 hours straight.   I literally had to replant a blueberry and azalea bush to get the weeds out!

Today I added some more black plastic mulch.  We live surrounded by dairy farms so the weeds are horrendous.   That and the prolific non native invasive plants such as autumn olive.  Arrgh!!



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I am sorry you are hurting.  Hopefully in a few days you will feel better.

A few months back I pulled my sciatica...OMG All the way from my rear down my leg. No joke it took 1 1/2 months until I was pain free. Went thru a bottle of Motrin, probably more.. It was really bad.

Hope you feel better !!