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O/T Anyone Have Advice on Visiting NOLA??

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Want to head down there just before Good Friday next year. Looking forward to beignet and chicory coffee!! Am purposely missing Mardi Gras--might encourage Chef's wild side and we don't want that.

Any travel advice?


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Oh man I LOVE voodoo! I was burning sage and lining the threshold with salt when the skids were doing visitation!!

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Apparently it worked! They left over five years ago and never came back! Now to get out that Chef-removal spell.


I wasn't impressed. I was just there in September. I'd rather go to Vegas personally.

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Don't want to go to Vegas as I would hear ENDLESS rants about how wonnnderfuuuuul Chef and the BM's honeymoon was when THEY went to vegas with both his and her mom in tow!!!


Hard rock was nice and so was bubba gump shrimp. I was there for work, so those are the only two I made it for.

As for him talking about BM, I think you should send him back or kick him in the gut. LOL

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Oh yeah. just last weekend in front of my bioson and his fiancee, he talked about "his wife" blah blah this and blah blah that. They've been divorced for almost ten years now. When she got remarried to StepDaddyBigBucks, Chef said "she's getting remarried TOO SOON!"

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I took all of these walking tours and a couple of plantation tours, fabulous!!!

I was seriously in love with Lestat at this time of my life. It was such a romantic city. I loved the walk in the mornings to Café du Monde while the city was waking up, streets were getting cleaned and being down by the river just seemed right to me. The food is fabulous! I've eaten at all the Brennan restaurants.

Listen to your hotel when they tell you to stay out of certain areas at night.

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Watch out for falling buildings! They had a 200 year old building located in the French Quarter fall down yesterday.

I love NOLA! I recommend going on on of the ghost, vampire or grave yard tours.

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So many great restaurants. Use Yelp and make sure you go to Emeril's restaurant. Many of the great chefs have places there. Also, I have stayed in the French quarter and found that loud at night. But, have also rented a nice house off the quarter that was accessible by the trolley. Look into rentals.

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We rent a lot when we do couple vacations. and have also used Tripadvisor. You can get really neat small houses or condos to rent. In NOLA the trolley is so easy, you can stay anywhere right off it and be close to everything, but have quiet at night.

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NOLA is one of my favorite cities!! I love all the contrasts - old vs. new, debauchery vs. conservative religion, etc. And the diversity, the music, the history, the museums, the food...I could go on & on.

I enjoyed several guided tours while there. It's a great, safe way to experience the beautiful cemeteries (some of them are in dangerous neighborhoods). Also did a swamp tour on the Pearl River & a bus tour of some of the old plantation homes.

Some of my favorite places to eat: Mother's, Acme Oyster House, Coop's Place, the Irish House, Willie Mae's, & Igor's. (The last is a funky bar/grill/laundry mat).

The WWII museum is not far from the Quarter, & well worth a visit.

We always laugh about the restrooms of New Orleans. They are interesting on their own, as many are an afterthought in those ancient buildings.

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I live like 45 min away. I love the burlesque shows and food at House of Blues and also Antoine s. If you private message me I can give you some more ideas and you can maybe come to my area too Smile