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Kind of O/T Doc Martin

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Anyone watch the show Doc Martin?  They are airing the eighth season and they killed off Mrs. Tischel's husband, Clive.

Mrs. Tischel seemed to have  fallen out of love with Clive a loooooong time ago and was just going through the motions.  And yes, Mrs. Tischel's character is a coo coo, be that as it may.  So when she was informed that he was dead due to a heart attack, she merely carried on without so much as a break in her stride.

I'm wondering how many of us SMs would feel this way due to the complications of stepHELL and everything we are asked to put up with?. At the risk of sounding macabre, how many of us would view it as a relief/escape from stepHELL if our spouses should suddenly pass?   I know I'm not the only one who feels this way,  especially if the person you're with seems to grow more jaded as the years go by.  

Certainly for many of us,  life would immediately become less burdensome,  less expensive, you name it.  Does your spouse truly appreciate everything you do/put up with and the extraordinary accomodations you make to facilitate his/her baggage from the past?  I'm thinking most don't.


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I would have felt that way about 5-6 years ago when we were in the thick of things. Today I am glad we are still together and made it through.