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How Can You Seriously Point Out Flaws In Others (Speck vs. Log Parable in Action)

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So coming home from an NFL game on Sunday, Chef started scrambling for his keys. This is a guy who leaves the keys in the ignition and notoriously HATES all locked doors because he was raised out in the sticks.

He searched for a good ten minutes or so and had everyone else involved in the hunt. He also makes major purchases without asking me--you'll see where I'm going with this.

So this morning, his co-worker who is a dispatcher for the most part texted Chef that her "dickhead boyfriend purchased an SUV without consulting her and now cannot find keys to said vehicle."

WELL. . .

Chef starts guffawing out loud and texting back about what a DICKHEAD this guy is for:

1. making a major purchase without asking the woman
2. losing his keys

Which is EXACTLY what Chef does all.the.time. He also misplaces his wallet all the time which usually ends up in the same unlocked vehicle with ignition keys in place or in his jeans pocket thrown into the hamper (never empties his pockets). Oh and he NEVER checks his account balance. He just swipes, swipes, swipes away until it's denied, then he gets on the phone to me asking for me to drop what I'm doing to look up and see what is "wrong" with his account.

Well of course if I said "that's EXACTLY what YOU do, Chef!" back at him, WWIII.

So instead I said: "Well at least this guy earns a great living!"

Which was a kind of shot at Chef because Chef doesn't earn jack shit and what he does earn gets funneled off to the BM.

Every time Chef kept trying to make fun of said boyfriend for doing the SAME EXACT THING as Chef does constantly, I kept on saying: "WELL AT LEAST HE MAKES A GOOD LIVING!!!!"

What was that parable again about removing the LOG from your own eye so you can see CLEARLY to remove the SPECK from someone else's eye???!!!! }:)


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I know you probably don't care any more but why is a cowoker texting him about her boyfriend being a dumbass? That's weird.

I wouldn't like it. I would tell DH to put a stop to it. But again - different scenarios.

And no men complain but can't see their own faults. I probably do the same but the difference is that I can often recognize my faults when I see it in others. It might take a second to come together but I can say 'I do that too and I didn't realize how annoying it was'.

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Oh, they have a bizarre relationship. One second he's cussing out said co-worker, the next thing it's like "male comradery" the next moment it's "let me tell you about my womanly troubles."

This dispatcher (supposedly service manager) is let's say, a very outwardly flirting, boy crazy, yet tomboyesque woman. Kind of a combination of physical stature like the BM, yet personality like SD16. She's been through dozens of live in boyfriends.

I can only hope she runs off with Chef. But I think she sees Chef's paystubs and that alone would scare her off! LOL!! I would say to her "HAVE AT IT!!!"

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Right?! Cause Chef is such a catch and all. I'm sure women are lined up around the block for him. They are bending over backwards to take care of this man-child and his motley crew of entitled skids. }:)