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O/T No Wonder Why Chef's BIL No Longer Has

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his own business!  He's a drywaller by trade and we've hired him to do work on the circa 1874,  2600 sq ft rental.

Chef was marvelling at his ceiling work.  I went up to check and HE.DIDNT.USE.DROPCLOTHS!!!!  Mud spatter all over the place!  

There are hardwood floors throughout albeit they needed cleaning and poly but COME ON!   He didn't even ask if i had dropcloths ( which I did.... they were in the downstairs apt's closet)

Chef himself is notorious for not using dropcloths at MY house but is careful in CUSTOMER'S houses.

He has more ceilings to go so I will tell him (I shouldn't have to IMHO) to USE the friggin DROPCLOTHS!!!

Oh and instead of calling me about "the key not working in the brand new padlock I bought for the bilco doors" Chef and his "BIL" just went ahead and bolt cut the padlock."  Chef said to BIL "she gave me the wrong key" pointing to me!  

Turns out I had the key for the bilco padlock and he had the key to the shed.

So tired of the "git 'er done" attitude no matter what gets steamrolled in the process!


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So Chef isn't an anomaly? His parents raised all their kids to be a$$holes?

I don't know how you put up with his brother. What a straight up jerk.

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Technically his half sister's long term non-live in boyfriend.   Apparently he was raised about 50 miles WEST of where Chef and his siblings grew up.  There must be something in the water around here! 

His other half brothers and their spawn only call when they WANT something (their furnace broke etc) and for the most part have sided with the Girhippo clan.

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As a side note, I follow a Youtuber called "meet Kevin"  a real estate and economic prodigy.   I had to laugh because one of his videos showed him and his young son pointing out some SAW DUST left in the DRIVEWAY by one of the contractors and that was a major, heinous SIN!   They would absolutely CRY if they saw some of the Chef and his BIL shenanigins!!

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Chef's BIL is about 10 yrs younger than me and Chef himself was just plain raised feral.  His exhausted elderly parents just couldn't be bothered to teach him proper manners/etiquette after dozens of children and two marriages so he might as well have been raised by wolves. 

I came from a MASSIVELY STRICT set of parents and THEIR parents were even WORSE!!  We only found out about something if we did something WRONG!  We were NEVER EVER told "Good Job!" as is common today with the largely failed "self esteem movement."  I guess Chef's BIL (who is turning 50 shortly but looks like he is 60 due to constant smoking) was raised feral as well!

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Chef and BIL accidentally triggered a glass breakage alarm on a window while measuring it for a replacement unit.  Chef called having a meltdown because the alarm wouldn't turn off!