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Girhippo's kids are SPECIAL

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I am reminded by this as the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has posted a photo of the first school dance of the season.  He is the ONLY kid who is NOT dressed nicely.  There are 14 kids in the photograph.  He is standing in the middle like the Jolly Ginger Giant wearing SHORTS with saggy socks, slippers and an untucked pajama top shirt.  The boys are mostly wearing ties and nice outfits.  The girls, with the exception of a lesbian? couple are wearing dresses.  Everyone is dressed nicely EXCEPT for the houseshitter!!



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Lol. Dress for the job you want is what I tell my kids. He obviously wants to do nothing in his pjs & slippers. Did  he have a date? Lucky lady!

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you mean "victim"  then yes.  I feel sorry for her already

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I have a friend whose boyfriend's ex wife sent their three teenagers to take Christmas card pictures at the mall in basketball shorts and long sleeved button up collared shirts. It looked IDIOTIC!!!!!